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Saving Your Bikini Line

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Let’s face it with summer comes bikini season and with bikini season comes taking a little extra time to care for our bikini line.  It’s an extremely delicate area of skin and can get easily irritated when shaving and removing the hair from that area.  Because it’s so delicate it’s essential that you take the necessary steps for taking care of this area.  Rashes, ingrown hairs, etc. aren’t going to go with your favorite swimsuit so we might as well take a few extra minutes to save that bikini line –right ladies?  So to help you out we narrowed down our must-know tips to keep you on track all summer long.

Use the Right Razor
You may not realize it, but if you use a razor to remove the hair from your bikini line there is a ‘right’ type of razor to use.  Experts suggest not using a razor that’s made up of too many blades as it can be too much on your bikini area.  Since the skin is delicate it’s essential you don’t use something that can cause irritation.  Additionally, if you’re used to waiting weeks and weeks until you replace your razor you’re going to need to stop!  Razor blades do tend to become dull after just a handful of uses, and dull blades can result in causing irritations on the skin and even ingrown hairs or rashes.  So make sure you’re regularly switching out your razor blades to make sure that that’s not something that’s affecting your bikini area.  Finally, many people suggest actually having a razor just for your bikini area and one for the rest of your body.

We all know about moisturizing the skin on our face, but have you thought about moisturizing the skin on your bikini line?  Well, you need to start!  Since it is such a delicate area applying a moisturizer after shaving can help soothe your skin and the hair follicles on that area.  It’s advised to use a gentle moisturizer that doesn’t have any fragrance or alcohol listed as an ingredient (since those can cause major irritation to the already delicate skin).

Be Gentle
When using a razor not only is it important to use the right type of razor but it’s also crucial you use it properly.  Many women tend to be too rough with their razor, causing razor burn and pulling on the hair and skin.  Experts suggest using your razor to go in the same direction of the hair’s natural growth.  Additionally, you’re going  to want to try to keep the number of strokes with the razor to a minimum as it can help you avoid overdoing it and causing irritation on your skin.

As with many skin care tricks and tips, it really comes down to using the proper tools and using them properly.  It’s all about technique and care, especially when you’re dealing with an area of skin as delicate as your bikini line.  Follow these tips as you’re focusing on not causing any problems in your bikini line this summer season.

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