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Removing Heavy Makeup

Makeup is a glorious thing for women to use as a form of self-expression, however, it doesn’t come without a few potential hiccups. Whether you’re going out for a fun night out or have a special occasion, when you have a full face of makeup on the way you remove the product is crucial to your skin’s health. Perfecting the makeup removal process is incredibly important, so that means no falling asleep with your makeup on! This holds even truer when you go heavier on your makeup for an event or girls night out.

Woman removing makeup

Be Gentle!
The common mistake women make when removing their makeup is being too rough. Take your time and be gentle when you’re removing. In hard to remove spots simply hold the cotton swab/wipe on the area for a few seconds to let the solution soak in and loosen up the makeup. When you’re too rough when removing your makeup, it often leads to damage over time (and can even result in breakouts). So be gentle on your precious skin, alright?

Pay Attention to the Makeup Remover You Use
Make sure that whatever makeup removing product you’re using is designed to remove the makeup you’re well…removing. The most popular types of makeup removers are wipes and gentle oils.

Woman removing makeup

Don’t Forget to Cleanse
You want to be sure that you remove your makeup before you use your normal cleanser. By cleansing after you’ve removed your makeup it will help ensure you’ve eliminated all the product from your skin and give your skin a breath of fresh air. If you’ve worn a good amount of makeup, make sure you take a little extra time cleansing to remove any leftover makeup from the removing process. When you go to pat your skin dry, it should be clean. If it isn’t, it’s wise to cleanse another time around to make sure you remove it ALL.

You’ve cleansed your skin, but don’t forget the final step – moisturizing. This will help make sure your skin isn’t negatively affected by wearing more makeup than normal. Go about your typical skin care routine, and don’t skimp on the moisturizer. After removing all the makeup and cleansing your skin will feel so refreshed and ready for bed.

Even if you’re incredibly tired from a fun, long night out it’s important not to skip taking off all your makeup before hitting the pillow. It’s not worth the possible skin irritations and/or damage from keeping your makeup on for too long. Take the time to stay up for a few extra minutes and remove your makeup the right way, your future self will thank you. Remember, the heavier the makeup the more important it is to make sure you remove it properly. While it may not be your daily, or regular, makeup it’s not worth taking the risk of your skin suffering days after or even long term.

What are your favorite makeup removing products to use?

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