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Quick Fixes For Zipper, Hems and Other Fashion Emergencies

If you’ve ever been faced with a fashion emergency situation, you know they always strike at the worst possible time.  Let’s face it, that’s probably why they’re referred to as a fashion emergency.  While having a little fashion emergency mishap is bad enough, it’s even worse when you’re not prepared with how to fix them in a quick manner.  The great thing about fashion emergencies is there are other people who have experienced them as well, so there are many people who have sought out to find and develop quick fixes to be better prepared the next time it happens.  We’re sharing some of the best quick fixes for zippers, hems and other fashion emergencies so you’re fully prepared.

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Zipper Fixes
Do you have a zipper that’s stuck?  One of the easiest ways to help get a stuck zipper moving, may shock you.  Many people have found that simply running a pencil (yep, those old school pencils) over the zipper up and down a couple times is often all you need to get it moving.  If that doesn’t work you can try using something that has a little more lubrication to it like windex, lip balm or even soap.  It’s suggested to just be sure that you don’t use anything that’s oil based as it can get your garment oily.

Hem Fixes
Whether you find that your skirt, dress or pants hems are too long, or the hem has come undone slightly – having a hem line that’s not quite right can definitely be a downer on your entire outfit.  Fortunately, there are some pretty easy fixes.  Our favorite go to fix for a hem line fix is to simply use a double sided tape to hold the garment’s hem in place for a temporary fix.  If you don’t have any double sided tape on hand, you can use regular tape to secure the hem in place for a temporary amount of time until you’re able to get it fixed.  Another great option is to use a safety pin to hold the hem in place – you’ll want to apply the safety pin so the largest portion of it is inside the garment facing your skin so it doesn’t show much.

Other Fashion Emergencies
We know that there are a wide range of different fashion emergencies that you may be faced with, so we thought we would cover a couple of the most common to keep you informed.  If you’ve noticed that a button from your blouse popped or came off one of the easiest ways to fix it in a pinch is to also use double sided tape or a safety pin – similar to a hem fix.  Since it’s the winter time you’re probably wearing more tights or stockings and no one likes to find that they’ve gotten a snag or run in their tights for the day/evening.  If you find you’ve gotten a spot one of the easiest ways to fix the snag is to apply a small amount of clear nail polish to both sides of the tear/run/hole.  This will keep the spot from getting any bigger.

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