Skin Care May 21, 2016

Pretty Dancer’s Skin

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Dancers are people who use their bodies for their craft, and while taking care of your skin is important for everyone, dancers have unique needs and struggles from the rest of us.  If you’re a dancer or considering adding dance into your life, we’re sharing a few skin care tips to keep in mind to make sure your skin maintains its gorgeousness.

Dancers use their feet… a LOT. So it’s crucial they take care of the skin on their feet.  It’s important to try to keep feet as dry as possible – since it’s likely as a dancer you’re going to sweat often try to let your feet be dry when you can.  Additionally, you’re going to want to be sure you moisturize the skin on your feet regularly.  While it may seem odd to say keep your feet dry but moisturized, it’s necessary.  Moisturizing your feet will help keep your feet from developing too much roughness and instead keep them softer.

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As a dancer, it’s likely you’re wearing a good deal of makeup during performances or even practicing dance with makeup on.  Because of this, you’re going to want to be sure you’re spending extra time focusing on removing your makeup properly and regularly as well as thoroughly cleansing your skin every morning and evening.  This will help make sure you’re getting any and all makeup off of your face.  Another factor in this is the fact that you’re likely going to be sweating often, so cleansing your skin regularly will help clean out your pores and refresh your skin – avoiding any possible breakouts as much as possible.

Because dancers tend to be in many different outfits that expose more skin than in normal daily life, it’s important that you take care of the skin on your body.  Exfoliating and moisturizing often is crucial to great skin health.  Using products like dry brushes for the skin all over your body is a great way to get great exfoliating in to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin on your body.  Also making sure that you’re staying hydrated and using a good moisturizer is going to be key to making sure your skin has a youthful, healthy glow.

While these skin care tips are important for everyone to consider, dancers to have different skin care elements to consider on a daily basis.  Because of the nature of their activity levels in combination with their competition looks/ makeup/ etc. it’s especially important that dancers take their time when it comes to skin care.  Just like everyone else, it’s important not to rush through your skin care routine, taking your time to make sure you’re able to thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin will help make sure your skin is properly taken care of – plus, your future self will thank you!

What specific skin care needs or problems do you find are common for dancers?

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