Skin Care May 17, 2016

Pretty Armpits

Woman looking at her armpits

When you think of armpits you’re probably not thinking of ‘pretty.’  But our armpits are a part of our body and consist of sensitive skin that needs to be taken care of just like the rest of our bodies.  Many people deal with different skin issues under their arms than other parts of their bodies.  We’re breaking down a few of the common underarm frustrations and what to do about them.

Underarm Darkness
Many people struggle with the skin on their armpits being quite dark, one of the common causes of underarm darkness is hair removal.  There are a ton of home remedy type of solutions that are said to help lighten up dark underarms.  Using things like potatoes or lemon have been found to eliminate some of the darkness in underarm areas.  Lemon is known to act as a lightening agent for hair, but it’s actually been found to help with darkness in the underarm area too!  Simply using a lemon wedge over the darker area for a few minutes and letting the lemon juice sit on the skin a few times a week for a few weeks has been found to give great results.  Baking soda has also been found to help with this frustration.  Mixing baking soda with water to create a paste-like substance and applying it to the area as a scrub and washing it off has been found to create results as well.  It’s recommended to repeat the baking soda approach a few times a week for a few weeks as well.  These are just a few home remedy type of solutions that have been found to create results for many people.  Try doing a more in-depth research process if this is a current struggle for you.

Ingrown Hair
Another common frustration for people with their underarms is developing ingrown hair.  Some people are just prone to having ingrown hairs more often than others.  The good news is there are some solutions.  Antiseptics prescribed by a dermatologist or doctor is an option for those who tend to get ingrown hairs frequently.  If you’re opting to try to remove the ingrown hair yourself it’s advised to first soak the skin in warm salt water for at least 10-15 minutes to help soften the skin.  You’re going to want to be extremely gentle and careful when doing this because your underarm area is sensitive.  Make sure tweezers/ needle you use to remove the hair has been sterilized with alcohol.

Whichever struggle you’re currently, or have, dealing with it’s important to treat your underarm skin gently and delicately.  Because the skin on the underarm area is extremely delicate it’s important to keep in mind when you’re shaving and removing the hair.  Because hair removal can cause some issues like darkening the skin color or ingrown hairs, it’s important to take your time during the process to help minimize the potential of acquiring these problems.  Take your time, and take care of those armpits!

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