Skin Care May 5, 2015

Preparing Your Skin for a Big Day

On special occasions, it’s always fun to dress up and look beautiful. You probably have gone shopping, picked out the perfect outfit, shoes and handbag – but have you taken a minute to think about your skin? Your skin is the first thing people will notice, and therefore, it should be counted just as important. Lionesse is here to the rescue with a basic guide on preparing your skin for a big day – no matter the occasion.

Woman exfoliating her skin.

Opting for a great skin exfoliation is important to bring fresh, new skin to light and remove the old, tired, dull looking skin that rests atop the skin’s surface. Many women aren’t aware that the skin that is housed on the top of the skin is actually dead skin that’s just waiting to be sloughed away. Choosing something like a facial peeling mask, facial polish that gently removes the dead skin, or a facial brush can remove the dead skin from the face, giving your face a new glow. When it comes to your overall body, you should exfoliate once per week. The body can take more of a ‘beating’, so to speak, when it comes to exfoliating methods, such as loofahs, pumice stones, scrubs and the like. You can exfoliate your face and body once per week to stay on top of dead skin and keep your skin looking vibrant and fresh.

Woman waxing her legs

Waxing is ultimately a far better option than shaving, and when it comes to shaving your legs, razor burn, bumps and even cuts can be left behind – leaving you looking less than flawless. If possible, opt for a waxing treatment a few days before the big day arrives, giving your skin time to heal from any irritation incurred. This also goes for the facial areas – eyebrows, upper lip and chin waxings should be completed three-four days prior to any big event, giving your skin time to heal.

Woman applying serum on her face.

Skin Brightening
If you feel your skin could use a little pick me up, why not opt for a brightening cleanser, brightening serum or cream? These special formulations work to perk up tired skin, undereye circles, and pigmentation issues and leave the skin looking bright, glowing and fabulous. Complete these types of regimens a week prior up until the day of the event.

Woman washing her face with water.

Cleansing and Moisturizing
It should be said that cleansing and moisturizing the skin are some of the best things you can do to ensure your skin looks its absolute best. Cleansing removes impurities, debris, oil and unclogs the pores. It helps revitalize skin cells and kicks cell production into gear. On the other end of the spectrum, moisturizing the skin provides the hydration your skin needs to glow, look healthy, and feel healthy. If your facial skin is happy, you will look happy – and that’s a good look, indeed.

Although there are many different things you can do to ensure your skin is always looking top notch, sometimes we need a little extra something to make sure our skin looks its best for the big day. Aside from the tips listed above, choosing cosmetics that work well with your skin tone will also help you to look your best for any big day, and choosing a flattering hair style will also do the same. When it comes to your clothes, be sure to choose colors that also correspond to your skin color, giving you an added boost of flair and style.

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