Makeup August 10, 2017

Prep Your Skin To Prevent The Summer Slide

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Ladies…we’ve all been there. You know, when your makeup begins to melt off of your face in the extreme summer heat. It’s one of those makeup concerns we all have in the back of our minds during the summer season. Applying makeup is a part of our daily routines and a great way to feel a bit more confident throughout your days, but it can be tricky to feel confident with the fear of melting on your mind. We want to help you avoid that fear for the rest of the season so we’re dishing on how to prep your skin to prevent the summer slide, especially in hot countries.

Switch to a Lighter Moisturizer
Maintaining moisture in your skin is essential, especially during the summer season. However, if you’re currently using a heavy moisturizer in your morning skin care routine it could be contributing to the melting makeup issue. When our skin is over moisturized, it can cause our skin to become too slippery and oily-aka our makeup not being able to stay put after applying it. Take a look at your moisturizing product for the morning, adjust to something that’s lightweight. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply moisturizer but opting for something lightweight will give you skin the moisture it needs without over doing it.

Apply a Primer
Priming products have definitely grown in popularity, and with great reason. Primers are designed to help create a smooth barrier between your skin and makeup to give you makeup something else to hang on to. We’re huge fans of priming products and highly suggest you add this into your routine. After you’ve applied your moisturizer to your face, work a lightweight priming product all over your skin. Similar to the moisturizer you don’t want something that’s too heavy, but fortunately there are plenty of lightweight options.

Use Cream Products
Cream or liquid based products are the best for acquiring a solid base on your makeup look. They tend to absorb and blend into the skin much more seamlessly, especially when you apply them with a wet sponge. We highly suggest using cream/liquid products on your skin after applying the priming product for this exact reason.

Set Your Makeup
Even though cream/liquid products are great for perfecting that makeup base look, it’s definitely necessary to set the makeup look to keep it fully intact and avoid that dreaded melting look. Applying a light dusting of setting powder over your face after you’ve applied all of your makeup is a great way to do this. The powder, applied very lightly, over the cream/liquid products helps to hold everything where you applied it. Of course, if you REALLY want to keep it all in place we suggest taking it a step further and spraying a setting spray all over your face for the final touch. Setting spray, while not totally necessary, is kind of like hairspray for your makeup. It gives the look that final hold and adds some hydration into the skin at the same time.

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