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Prep Your Skin for Serious Makeup

When you are going to be applying a lot of cosmetic products to your face, your skin might not react in the best of ways. That’s why it’s so important to prep your skin before the actual makeup application to ensure you have the best overall look, and skin, after it’s all said and done. Lionesse has put together some tips on prepping your skin for a heavy duty makeup application, and we suggest giving these tips a try to make sure you look your best. Be on the lookout for our second related post, Post Cosplay Skin Care, coming later on in the week for tips on taking care of your skin after heavy makeup application.

Woman cleansing her face with a cleansing pad.

Cleansing your skin is imperative to the overall look of your makeup application. Be sure to use a gentle cleanser to remove oil, dirt, and debris.

Woman exfoliating her skin with an exfoliator.

Removing all of the dead skin on the top layer of your skin, and bringing forth the new, fresh skin laying underneath, will help your skin care products to absorb better into the skin, give you a smoother look when your cosmetics are applied, and give you a more even tone. You will want to exfoliate your face once per week, and you certainly want to do it before a heavy makeup application.

Woman applying a serum on her face.

Applying your favorite facial serums to the problem areas on your skin is also important pre-makeup application. No matter the type of serum you want to go for, it’s important to get it in. There are various types, from brightening, to firming and toning, and dark spot correcting serums. Apply the product before moisturizing, which is the next step below.

Woman applying eye cream.

Eye Cream
If you use eye cream, now is the time to put it on. This type of product should be dabbed on, and allowed to soak into the skin, not rubbed in. The product should be applied around the eye socket area.

Woman applying moisturizer on her cheeks.

Be sure to give your freshly exfoliated skin a dose of moisture before makeup application. You can use one which contains an SPF to skip the SPF step further down. Be sure to use a moisture cream that is suitable for your skin type.

Woman sunbathing in a beach.

Skin protection from the sun’s harmful rays is so important. You will want to apply a good sunblock to your skin at this point if your moisturizer doesn’t already contain the product in it. Be sure to get the whole of your face and neck, and don’t skimp out on your ears.

Woman applying primer on her face.

The last and final step before makeup application is a good primer. We recommend Smashbox primer because it glides on silky smooth, feels incredible on the skin, and is nice and light while providing plenty of priming capabilities. Primer helps to fill in large pores, smooth and even out the skin, and provides something for the cosmetics to glide over and stick to. It will also help the products to appear more vivid, and last longer.

By following these simple tips, your cosmetic application will be perfect – and will look its absolute best. Be on the lookout for more on the same topic from Lionesse in the coming week.

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