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Perfect Prom Spraytan


Prom is such an exciting time! Finding the perfect dress, and shoes, getting your hair and makeup done, and of course…getting your glow on with a spray tan. Spray tans are such a great, healthy way to get a little color for such a special event. There are some important factors and tips to take into consideration prior to getting your prom spray tan to ensure you have the gorgeous faux glow you’re looking for on your big day.

Do a Trial Run
This is especially crucial if you’ve never gotten a spray tan before! If you’ve never had a spray tan, try it out so you know what to expect and have time to make any color adjustments necessary. Also, if you’re trying a new color or spray tan formula, it’s best to do a trial beforehand. This way you know what you’re getting and if anything isn’t right it’s not happening the day before prom.

Plan Accordingly
There are steps involved in getting a spray tan, and if you don’t follow these steps it WILL affect the outcome of your tan. Plan your pre-tan and post-tan activities accordingly so that you’re ensuring the look you want to achieve, this primarily includes any activities you may have planned that can cause you to sweat and showering. Your spray tanner will probably tell you the aftercare process…follow what she says. Often time we think “oh this little change won’t make a difference” but when it’s the tan for your prom, it’s best to stick to the rules given.

Talk to Your Spray Tan Professional
Communicate with your spray tan pro to make sure you’re both on the same page. Tell them the darkness you want, because if you don’t tell them they won’t know! So be sure to be open and honest about the look you’re trying to achieve. They can help guide you if you’re not quite sure. But make sure you have the discussion. Also, make sure you tell them about any areas of your skin that tend to be extra dry, or if you have any open cuts or allergies. The more they know about your skin the better they can make sure your experience is a positive one.

Prep Properly
You’ll want a gorgeous glow for your big day, and that means prepping your skin BEFORE you go in for a spray tan. The spray tan experts all say exfoliation is KEY to ensuring a smooth skin surface. The prep stage is also where you’re going to want to shave, thread or wax. Keep in mind you’ll want to be lotion and deodorant FREE going in for your spray tan – they can often act as barriers to the spray.

Pat Don’t Rub
After you’ve waited the allotted time for showering it’s important to pat your skin dry, not rub. This goes for all your showers following your spray tan, you can literally rub your tan right off. So pat dry to avoid that.

Keep these spray tan tips in mind when you’re getting ready to schedule your prom tan appointment, and you’re sure to have a gorgeous glow!

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