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Packing Your Beauty Items for a Weekend Getaway

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When you’re planning for a weekend getaway, the last thing you’ll probably do is pack your suitcase and get ready to hit the road. Let’s suppose all of your clothes are packed, and you’ve got everything you need ready. Now, it’s time to pack your beauty items. Are you sure what you should bring? Are you just aimlessly throwing products into a makeup bag, simply because they’re your favorites? The items you pack for a weekend getaway should be based upon what kind of trip you’re taking, where you’re going, and what the climate is like. Also, you shouldn’t overdo it or leave your house without the items you will need, either. Lionesse has some tips to make your weekend getaway less of a hassle by helping you get the perfect makeup bag packed and ready to go.

Choose for the Occasion
When you’re headed out for your weekend getaway, you might want to take into consideration what exactly you are headed out to do. If you are planning a weekend in Vegas, chances are you will want to bring some makeup items that are a bit more flashy. On the other hand, if you’re planning a beach getaway, you won’t want to bring much in terms of products at all – unless you’re planning to check out the nightlife later on in the evenings. Go over your trip in your head, and this well help you to make choices that are worth the effort, and worth bringing along. These items will also make sense to your trip. If you’re headed to the beach, for instance, you will want to be sure you choose a tinted moisturizer rather than a full on foundation. On the other hand, if you’re headed to Vegas, feel free to go all out with bright, bold colors and heavier than usual makeup.

Be Weather Ready
Understand the climate of the area you are visiting. Is it humid and hot? Choose mineral or tinted based products rather than full on foundations which can melt off in humidity and look runny. If you are headed to a location that has more tolerable climates, you will be able to get away with the products you wouldn’t otherwise be able to in hotter, more humid climates. The climate should play a big role in how you pack your beauty and skin care items.

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Don’t Forget Your Skin Care Essentials!
One thing you want to avoid doing is maintaining your skin care regimen while away on vacation. Be sure to bring your facial cleanser and moisturizer along for the trip, and be sure to actually use them. You don’t want unruly breakouts to happen because you decided to forgo this simple step for a couple of days.

When In Doubt, Go Neutral
If you just can’t figure out what color schemes within your products would suit the location you’re headed to, simply stick with neutral colors. Choose a neutral lip shade, foundation – whether mineral or liquid – and earthy toned eyeshadows and light eyeliner for the duration of your trip. That way, you can still look fabulous without looking over the top.

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