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Nostalgic Beauty Products from the 80’s

Retro woman applying makeup

The 80’s boasted a time of beauty, style, fashion, and new trends that were unlike anything ever seen before it’s time. Many women began using cosmetic products in a different manner, making use of various colors and application styles. We were all partial to one brand or the other, and most of us had sincere brand loyalty back in those days. If you were a Covergirl girl, you most certainly wouldn’t touch Revlon – and so on, and so forth. Lionesse would love to take a few minutes to discuss some of the beauty products we feel that old nostalgia for from the 80’s, and talk a little bit about each one.

Covergirl Compact Pressed Powder
What girl didn’t have her powder tucked away neatly in her purse to pull out for touch ups? These Covergirl compacts were just the thing to give you a matte look every time.

The menthol scent of this cold cleansing cream takes us way back. Close your eyes and breathe…can you smell it? This ever popular cleansing cream was the go-to product to keep your face fresh, clean, and blemish free – and it worked like a charm.

Coppertone Suntan Oil
Although we all know nowadays this is not a safe bet, Coppertone Suntan Oil was the tanning oil of choice by nearly every woman – and everyone had a bottle or two of this stuff lying around in the summer. It was coconut scented and reminded us of being on a tropical island somewhere in the Caribbean.

Bonne Bell Lip Gloss
Bonne Bell Lip Glosses were the perfect quick fix when our lips were a little bit dry, and we needed a quick bit of shine and didn’t feel like digging out the cherry Chapstick. Most of us used the stuff just to lick it off of our lips. Don’t even lie – you did it too, and you know it.

Banana Clips
These were perfect for those days where our hair was just being a nuisance and we couldn’t get the perfect tease down, no matter how much hairspray we used. Banana clips came in many different styles and colors – and no teen or lady could be without one. They were generally the alternative to just throwing the hair up in a scrunchie.

Spray Combs
Spray combs were little lifesaving device for most of us in a rush to fix our hair on the go. We all had them! Tuck one away in your purse for quick touch-ups on the road, and voila – perfectly styled hair in a minute. They held a little bit of water in one end, with a spray nozzle, while the other end was a basic hair comb. Why did these disappear, again?

Dial – A – Lash from Maybelline
This was one of the most popular mascaras in the 80’s – Dial-A-Lash gave you those oh-so-perfect voluminous and long lashes every girl dreams of.

Dep Hair Gel
Having a bad hair day? Dep hair gel would always come to the rescue. These brightly colored bottles adorned nearly every bathroom countertop in the 80’s. They smelled so fantastic, too.

Aquanet Hair Spray
Aquanet hair spray. Need we say more?

Cutex Nail Polish
This was the go-to nail polish for every glam girl! So many colors to choose from, so little time!

Mood Lipsticks
Last but certainly not least, we must pay homage to the pleasurable enjoyment one got from a mood lipstick. No matter what color you bought and applied, it would always change with your mood – although, it would seem, they would always change to a rich, deep pink hue for most of us.

Lionesse hopes you’ve enjoyed this walk down memory lane with 80’s beauty products. Enjoy perusing on the internet as you will no doubt do after this one!

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