Beauty November 22, 2016

New Views On Beauty

When it comes to beauty, the views on what is beautiful, changes ALL the time.  The standard, or view, of beauty is very different from what it was 10 years ago.  It’s always interesting to think back about what we considered to be beautiful 5 or 10 years ago.  If often leads to those thoughts like “what was I thinking?”  But change and evolution of thoughts and beauty is part of life.  We thought it would be fun to have a little discussion and realization as to what the new views on beauty actually are right now.

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Skin Care Is A  Major Influence
It’s no secret that there’s a lot of emphasis on having ‘perfect’ skin.  Which is likely why the skin care industry has continued to grow and explode throughout the past couple of years.  It’s apparent that the importance and focus really of what makes someone beautiful is highly impacted by their skin, and the appearance of it.  Thinking about it, we do spend a lot of time and energy around getting our skin as clear and line/wrinkle free as possible.  It’s definitely a focus that has only grown over the years, it wasn’t quite as much of a major influence in terms of what makes someone beautiful in the past like it is now.

Beauty Values Have Changed
You’ve probably noticed the past couple years have raised a lot of interest and focus on being more natural.  We hear so many more people talking about celebrating their natural beauty, their natural skin color and cultural differences in a great way.  In addition, age is viewed much differently in today’s world.  While many people in past years thought of 40+ age range as being “old” it’s not really looked at in that way anymore.  So many more women (and men) are embracing age differently and while being in your 40’s used to be ‘old’ it’s looked at in a much more positive way in today’s beauty views.  Essentially, the new view on beauty is much more about celebrating where and who you are in your skin and age rather than looking at it as a negative thing.

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The Inside-outside Connection
In addition, there’s been a lot more chatter around the connection between inner and outer beauty.  Similarly, many people are talking about the reference between when you look good you feel good.  Doing things that make YOU feel more confident, dressing in a way that conveys confidences, doing your makeup in a way that helps you feel confident, etc. are all much bigger focuses than they were in past years.  We’re at a new place where we’ve all realized a bit more that when you’re a beautiful person on the INSIDE it automatically makes you much more beautiful on the outside.  And vice versa.  It’s really a great evolutionary process, if you ask us.  Because living in a place where you’re doing things that make you happy, feel good, etc. is definitely going to have a major impact on how beautiful you feel…turning into how beautiful you look.

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