Skin Care February 11, 2017

New Skin Care Treatments for Rosacea

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Rosacea is a common skin care struggle for so many people.  If you suffer from rosacea, it’s important to know first and foremost you’re not alone.  Fortunately, because there are many that struggle with this skin concern the experts have been working diligently to discover new treatments to help give relief all the time.  While different people have different variations of rosacea we thought we would take this opportunity to share some of the new skin care treatments for rosacea that we’ve found – so if you tend to struggle with rosacea you can try these out for yourself!

Check Skin Care Products
Naturally, you likely use different skin care products and you’re probably used to looking for products that aren’t going to cause you to have any breakouts.  However, what many don’t realize is there are a list of certain ingredients that experts suggest avoiding when it comes to rosacea treatment.  Since you use skin care products on a daily basis, they can play a major role in your rosacea.  Experts suggest avoiding products that contain: alcohol, witch hazel, peppermint, fragrances, menthol, propylene glycol to name a few.  It’s important to make sure that the products you’re using aren’t contributing to your rosacea, which has been found to be a really beneficial new skin care treatment for rosacea.

Keeping Things Simple
Whenever people have a skin care struggle, it’s common to want to use a lot of different products to get relief.  But what many experts have found as a much more effective skin care treatment for rosacea is keeping things simple.  Using too many products on skin that’s prone and struggling with rosacea has been found to make things much worse.  Find products that are going to give you results, without needing to have a lot of different products applied.  In addition, look for products that don’t contain a ton of different ingredients – similar to the amount of products, experts have found that keeping things simple with simple products is also an incredibly beneficial treatment option.

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Give Your Skin Moisture & Protection
So often those that have a skin concern, like rosacea are often afraid of applying moisturizing products in fear that it will make things worse.  But what many experts have found in the treatment of rosacea is that the skin needs moisture.  When our skin is well moisturized it’s able to function much more properly, and those with rosacea is no different.  In addition, don’t forget to apply SPF on a daily basis.  If you have rosacea chances are your skin is much more sensitive.  Applying an SPF daily is going to help your skin keep from getting more irritated.

Use Warm Water, Instead of Hot
We get that there’s something about hot water that’s comforting…and warming.  But what many experts have found is that hot water can cause those with rosacea to have more irritation in the skin.  When washing your skin or dealing with water in any way, shape or form, it’s suggested to opt for warm water instead of hot.  This will allow you to still feel warmm but not cause any irritation in your skin.

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