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Natural Ways To Remove Makeup

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Removing your makeup every night before bed is one of the most important skin care tips we can suggest you live by.  It’s SO, SO important that you remove your makeup every night – seriously!  If you’re on board with us and you know you need to remove your makeup nightly, but you’re really keen on using products that are more natural we’ve got some great information for you.  There are countless makeup removing products available on the market right now, more than ever before.  However, unfortunately there are a lot of makeup removing products that use harsh chemicals and ingredients that aren’t so natural.  We’ve discovered some natural ways to remove makeup, so you’re taking care of your skin by removing the makeup and not using anything that could be damaging to your skin or health in any other way.

Many skin care experts have discovered that the use of different natural oils can be incredibly great at removing makeup.  The bonus of natural oils is that they’re multi-use and have SO many benefits for your skin and health.  Most suggest using olive oil, coconut oil, or avocado oils to remove makeup with.  It may take a little experimenting to figure out what oil is going to be the best fit for your skin and its needs, because some are extremely moisturizing and your skin may not love the extra moisture as much.  Basically, all you do with any of these oils is take a bit and apply it all over you face, including the eye area and let it sit on your skin for a minute or so.  Once you’ve allowed the oil to sit and do it’s thang, use lukewarm water to gently wash away the oil and your makeup will come along with it.  You will likely want to use a soft cloth with this process, and make sure you’re being gentle on your skin especially the very delicate eye area!  Once you’ve done all that – continue on with your normal cleansing and skincare routine.  Once you cleanse the skin you will eliminate any additional oil left over.

Unlikely Foods
You may be surprised to hear that milk, cucumber and yogurt have all been found to be incredibly healing and natural ways to remove makeup from the skin as well.  Yogurt and milk are known for being soothing and moisturizing to the skin.  If you’re considering trying yogurt it’s suggested to just apply some plain yogurt to your skin with cotton, gently rubbing it on your skin and rinsing it off with cool water.  Milk is a similar application (or removal process) as yogurt, and you can even add a little drop of almond or coconut oil to the milk if you’d like.  Using cucumber is said to be really beneficial for those who suffer from acne or other inflammatory skin conditions as it’s very soothing and calming.  To use cucumber as a remover, you mash it up to create a paste like substance and add either milk or a little olive oil and rub the mixture all over your face.

Have you ever tried a natural makeup remover that worked?

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