Skin Care April 3, 2017

Moisturizing Tips for Spring

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Spring is in the air, can you feel it? Even if the weather isn’t totally feeling like spring, it’s definitely on its way and there’s no denying that the weather is starting to shift to the spring-like climate. It’s always an exciting shift going from winter to spring. Just like our skin has certain needs during the winter months because of the drier climate, as the weather becomes less dry and warmer we’re going to need to adjust things accordingly. You already know that moisturizing your skin is a crucial step in your skin care routine, it needs to be a focal point in your skin care routine. But what adjustments need to be made? We’re sharing a few important moisturizing tips for spring to keep your skin healthy through this season.

Focus on Your Hands and Feet
During the winter months we’re all locked up in a lot of layers and dry climate. As we begin to wear fewer layers and the weather shifts, we’re going to have more areas of our skin exposed. Experts suggest that now is an important time to make sure that you’re really focusing on your hands and feet when moisturizing. They tend to be the areas that are forgotten a lot of times, so need a little extra TLC right now. Using a thicker moisturizer on those areas is suggested, because the skin in those areas is thicker. However, for the rest of your body you will likely want something a little lighter weight.  Additionally, don’t forget to make sure that you’re getting those hard to reach areas like elbows and knees!

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Adjust the Moisturizers You’re Using
Going off on what we mentioned above, now is the time to start adjusting the moisturizing products that you are using. Most people tend to gravitate towards heavier, thicker moisturizing products during the winter months since our skin needs the extra moisture. But now with the climate becoming less dry, it’s time to adjust the moisturizers accordingly. Switching to products that aren’t so heavy is going to help make sure that your skin is getting the moisture it needs to be healthy, but also not clog your pores or feel like it’s just too much during the warmer weather shift.

Make Sure You’re Protected from the Sun
When applying moisturizing product in the spring months, it’s essential to make sure that you’re also adding in some sun protection benefits. Using moisturizers that have built in sun protection is a great way to keep yourself protected. In addition, experts suggest that when you’re applying your moisturizing products it’s the perfect time to focus on sun protection. If you don’t use a moisturizer that has SPF in it, it’s also the time you want to spend focusing on making sure you’re adding the extra layer of protection. As the weather gets warmer, the sun is going to get more intense. Keep your skin protected so you don’t have any issues from the sun as we go through this seasonal shift.

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