Beauty August 10, 2015

Mermaid School?

If your dream was to become a Disney Princess, such as Ariel, when you were a little girl – you just might be interested in what we’re going to be talking about today: Mermaid School.

Yes, Mermaid School is now an actual thing, thanks to the creation of L.A. Mermaid School, an actual school that helps those interested in pursuing roles in Hollywood movies as a mermaid. This class is on the inexpensive side, and with a $40 price tag, you get to be equipped with a mono fin and learn the graceful techniques of what it takes to be a mermaid.

The classes are being taught and offered by those who have played mermaids on-screen, so these people know a thing or two about what it takes to become the mermaid you need to be.

For the hour and fifteen-minute long lesson, you will be subjected to swimming lessons and learn what it’s like to really be a mermaid. There are 12 participants per class, which is the maximum, so you can be sure you will receive plenty of one-on-one attention if you find you need a bit of extra help along the way.

There are also professional lifeguards on staff who are certified in CPR with The American Red Cross, ensuring the safety of any and all participants in the program.

Little girl dressed like a mermaid

Why else might someone want to take a mermaid class?

Well, for starters, it would be a perfect way to spend a birthday for a little girl – perhaps she and her friends could experience what it’s like to become a mermaid for one day, taught by women who look like real mermaids, in a fun, relaxing and exciting environment.

It might also be a fun way to have a girl’s day for a Girl Scout troop or other girl’s organization, such as The Girl’s Club.

Women could even get in on this, spending the day out with friends, having a ball becoming a mermaid, snapping plenty of selfies to share with friends and your intrigued husband, and then head out for drinks, where plenty of laughs could be had over the day’s events.

No matter the reason you might decide to head to Mermaid School, it would no doubt be a fun and exciting experience that would provide memories that would last a lifetime.

Oh, and we feel it only right to make mention – this class isn’t just for women and children – oh, no! It’s also for men as well! Yes, men have a place in the world as mermen! This would be a fantastic couples opportunity, in this case.

We’re curious to know what our readers think about the idea of heading to mermaid school. Do you think it would be well worth the $40 spent to make memories and learn the tricks of the trade of becoming a mythical, magical mermaid? Or, do you think there’s plenty of other things you’d rather spend your money on? We’d love to hear your thoughts in a comment below. Sound off!

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