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Managing Dandruff And Dry Itchy Scalp

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Since we’re now in the middle of the winter season you’ve probably started to notice a lot of the dryness that comes with the winter season.  While typically we think of experiencing dry skin and lips, many people tend to also experience dryness in their scalp.  Experiencing dandruff and dry itchy scalp can be frustrating and a bit embarrassing if you’re having a lot of flakiness.  If you’ve been trying different things to try to manage it but still can’t quite find lasting results, we’re sharing our favorite tips for managing dandruff and dry itchy scalp to keep your scalp on check this winter season.

Massage Your Scalp
Let’s face it…when we hop in the shower to wash our hair and bodies we’re typically in a bit of a hurry to get it done as quickly as possible.  But the thing about washing your hair is it’s the perfect time to give your scalp a little extra TLC.  Our scalp tends to get neglected on a regular basis when it comes to really caring for it.  Many experts suggest taking some time in the shower to massage your scalp can do wonders for helping dry itchy scalp and dandruff issues.  Massaging your scalp thoroughly can help to remove any build up you may have from product and oil.

Enlist in Hair Treatment
Another one of the best ways to help manage dandruff and a dry, itchy scalp is to enlist the help of a hair mask.  You’re going to want to look for a hair mask that’s specifically formulated for adding moisture and hydration to your hair and scalp.  This is a great way to get a deep hydration element into your scalp and hair to help manage the extreme dryness you may be having.  Get into the routine of doing this 1-2 times per week for the best results.

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Stay Hydrated
You’ve probably heard that one of the best ways to help with dryness in your skin is to maintain hydration by drinking water, and that holds true with your scalp as well.  If you’re noticing a lot of dryness in your scalp, up your water intake.  Remember that your scalp is another portion of your skin so it’s just as affected by the lack of water and hydration in your body as any other part of your body/skin.  Most people tend to not drink enough water throughout the day.  Drinking more water is a great way to get more hydration to your skin and scalp in a really natural way.

Use Specially Formulated Shampoo
Of course, another great way to help manage dandruff and a dry, itchy scalp is to use a specifically formulated shampoo product.  Because many people experience dry itchy scalp and dandruff there are a ton of different shampoo options available on the market that work wonders.  Since they’re formulated to work with your specific hair/scalp struggle they’re going to help add moisture in the way that your scalp needs.  When using this type of shampoo make sure you spend a little extra time working and massaging it into your scalp.

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