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Look Good “Almost” Naked

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Ok, before you panic, no one’s saying you have to take a naked selfie Kim K style.  But we are saying we want you to feel more confident in the skin you’re in!  We get it, feeling confident and like you look good “almost” naked seems like it’s only reserved for the models and celebs of the world.  But the truth is, we ALL can and SHOULD be able to look and feel good “almost” naked.

Embrace Your Shape
Here’s the deal, we can all spend hours and hours (which we already have) focusing on what our bodies AREN’T but why not switch that mindset and focus on what they ARE?  If you really want to look good “almost” naked the first thing you have to do is really embrace and appreciate your own body shape.  That means no comparing yourself to anyone else, but truly taking a few moments to love the skin you’re in.  We can spend more time bringing ourselves down, or turn that into love and appreciation.  Really looking good comes down to feeling more confident in yourself.  Yes, we know it’s so much easier said than done, but even just acknowledging that the body you have is amazing is a step in the right direction.

Wear Things That Make You Feel Good
Ok, so since we’re talking “almost” naked here, we’re going to assume you’re going to be wearing SOMETHING.  Whatever you’re choosing to wear, even if it’s being fully clothed, experts suggest that wearing things that make YOU feel good is a major thing.  Think about it, when you put something on that makes you feel ‘blah’ you don’t feel good, therefore you’re not looking your best.  Also, understanding YOUR personal shape and choosing clothing items that flatter/enhance what you love most about your shape can be another major hurdle/help when it comes to looking good “almost” naked.  Focus less on ‘hiding’ and more on celebrating what it is you enjoy most about your body.  So whatever you choose to put on your body, make sure that it makes you feel great.  Skip anything that doesn’t hold up to that test, and you’re sure to look good and feel good.

Make Yourself A Priority
When it comes down to really looking good, you need to feel good they really go hand-in-hand.  Doing things for yourself plays a huge role in how you look and feel naked, almost naked, and even fully clothed.  This means making time for exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep and relaxation.  When we don’t take care of ourselves and leave ourselves off the list of priorities, we start to feel worse and worse about ourselves, and in turn we don’t like the way we look.  Make it a priority to make yourself a priority – we promise it will make a major difference.

These are merely just a few suggestions to get you started, of course, it’s a process to feel good and look good “almost” naked.  Now is your time to shine!

What do you find helps you look good “almost” naked?

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