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Lionesse’s Natural Beauty Tips

Natural ingredients for beauty and skin careGoing back to nature and doing things the natural way can sometimes yield fantastic results. Way back before we had a million and one beauty products to choose from, natural sources were used to moisturise and exfoliate skin, strengthen nails, boost hair shine, and generally help make us feel like the gods and goddesses that we are. Maybe they were onto something.

It’s worth going back to basics every now and then, to switch up your beauty routine.

Whilst these days many products try to be as natural and chemical-free as possible, it’s often unavoidable for the ingredients to have something in them which could build up on your skin. Heading down the natural route will give your skin a break from this.

Here are some of Lionesse‘s top natural beauty tips.


Gleaming, glossy, strong locks can be maintained and revitalised with homemade concoctions. Banana and egg will give you a seriously conditioning boost, and coconut oil will do the same, as well as a wonderfully soothing treat for the scalp. Argan Oil may be available in many products, but it is actually a naturally occurring substance, and gives shine in abundance, with a very small amount of oil used. On the other side of the scale, you can rid your hair of nasty product build-up quite easily using organic apple cider vinegar, and then conditioning your hair afterwards to retain its moisture.


Warm honey is a luxurious treat for the face and body, and when applied warm as a mask, this is a seriously relaxing treatment. Lay back and concentrate on you for ten minutes or so, before rinsing and patting dry. You will be left with fantastically soft skin, and the anti-inflammatory properties will also beat any redness.


Garlic is well known as a natural booster for strengthening nails. A good way to do this is to chop up a clove of garlic, drop it into your pot of clear nail varnish and leave it for a few days. Once it’s had time to infuse, paint onto your nails as normal, and you will notice a huge difference in terms of strength. Honey also has a use in nails too.

Body scrubs

We all know that exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells, helping you achieve a glowing complexion, not only on the face but the rest of the body too. You can make the most natural scrub using olive oil and hugely beneficial sea salt crystals, following the same instructions you would do with a shop-bought product.

Treat the inside too

Whilst it’s all very well and good using natural products to help boost your skin, hair, and nails, the major benefit will come from looking after your insides too. If you’re healthy on the inside, it will show on the outside, and this is probably the biggest tip there is. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, don’t allow stress to creep into your life, drink plenty of water, and make sure you get enough sleep every night. Follow these rules, and you won’t go far wrong on your journey to total beauty.

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