Skin Care May 4, 2017

Let Your Skin Breathe This Weekend

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Do you have plans this weekend? It may be time to let your skin breathe this weekend. Our skin gets a lot of stress and is exposed to so many different things on a daily basis. Just like we need a break every once in a while, our skin needs a chance to just breathe as well. Weekends tend to be the best time to give your skin that breathing break and reset. So often we hear about detoxing our bodies and internal organs, but our skin is an organ-too! There are a few ways you can really help make sure that your skin is getting a chance to breathe and reset over the weekend to keep it healthy and on track.

Go Makeup Free
Even when you use makeup that’s non-comedogenic and loaded with great ingredients, it’s a good idea to go without any makeup for a couple days. Wearing makeup that sets on top of our skin consistently doesn’t fully allow our skin to breathe in a way that’s really as beneficial as going without. Make it a point to pick a weekend to not apply any makeup throughout the couple of days. This is especially essential if you tend to wear makeup every day to work. Get a nice, deep cleanse on your skin to remove ALL the makeup and allow your skin to just be and breathe throughout the weekend. You’ll be surprised at how great it feels to be makeup free for a couple of days!

We mentioned getting a nice, deep cleanse on your to kick off your weekend of allowing your skin to breathe. One of the best ways to really make sure you get a deep cleanse on your skin, remove all the dead skin cells and oil build up is by exfoliating your skin. Make it a point to use a great exfoliating product on your skin to kick off your weekend of breathing. This will also help to make sure you’ve gotten any and all makeup off of your skin to allow it to fully breathe without any additional build up on the skin.


Drink a LOT of Water
Water, water, water! Water is such a powerful tool to use to keep your skin healthy, hydrated and glowing. When you’re going through a weekend of allowing your skin to breathe, another great thing to do to give your skin that nice reboot is to up your water intake for the weekend (and beyond, really). Drinking a lot of water helps encourage your body to detox itself, in addition your skin is going to get a nice healthy detox as well. When we drink the amount of water our bodies truly require, our bodies work to flush out any toxins from out body that could be causing damage to our skin from the inside out. As you go through your weekend, make sure you’re really focusing on how much water you’re drinking throughout the few days.

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