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Incorporating Steampunk Style Into Your Wardrobe

Woman dressed in a steampunk style

The Steampunk look is totally different and bringing a whole new brand to fashion and attitude. There’s been a longtime need for a bold new trend, and bold, new and trend are what Steampunk is all about. Anyone taking a little time to browse the internet will quickly find a lot of great Steampunk outfits and styles for hair, accessorizing, decorating and more. Steampunk style is rocking at festivals and conventions everywhere, in a variety of degrees, and it’s become the go-to mode of dressing up for a variety of ages, too. So, if you are wanting to add steam to your life, whether it’s a little or a whole lot, here’s a convenient “how-to” that should get you started. And you may actually discover that you already have some steampunk-suitable items hanging around in your closet!

Steampunk Celebrates Accessorizing
A key point of Steampunk has to do with all these cool add-ons you put together to create the look. And even though many steampunk type accessories have not yet made it into the mainstream, there is a lot you can do to get the look. Even if you don’t have many of the items, there are tutorials all over the internet that will show you how to make the Steampunk stuff, like making your own aviator goggles, spats, and really cool “statement” spatterdashes that can be worn with heels of your choosing. Cool, funky spatterdashes can help you get the look, even if you don’t have the right type of footwear–it won’t show. They can also be made of lace or even leather.

Getting the Concept Down
Essentially, the idea of steampunk is to integrate science fiction with the past–and precisely, the steam age. The era after the industrial revolution, but preceding the time of combustion engines. Steam technology, get it? This is the focus of steampunk: a visit to those earlier days. While a lot of people tend to place steampunk in the Victorian England location, Steampunk is really more about the times, and not the place. Any culture of that time, any place will do, as long as certain elements representing that time are present. And steampunk, at its very core, remains open to the question of “what might have been,” at that time, rather than other sci-fi that centers around “what might someday be?” Your steampunk look can not reflect any representation of electric power, as it wasn’t around then. It can, however, pose as an illustration of hypothetical theories, like appliances or even a computer that runs off power generated by steam–with pistons and valves.

Steampunk Accoutrements
Leave off anything derived from fossil-based products. And plastic type anything, from jewelry to boot buckles are out. Think heavy wood, brass and leather–with nice accents of linen and lace. Aviator goggles make a great steampunk statement. For shirts, look to somewhat fitted forms that feature high ruffled collars and poofy sleeves. corsets are a great addition to these shirts, and all the colors are generally rather drab. No neons or bright colors will do. Gloves are an essential, and most steampunk versions are fingerless. they can be rather thick and a bit crude looking, or they can be very feminine and romantic, made of delicate lace. Bustles are big, in steampunk–you know, that little poof-out just below the waistline of those period dresses? That’s a bustle. And go for boots that reflect the times–there are a few styles, from hard-nosed to romantically feminine for the times.

Steampunk Your Hair
It’s all about Victorian style waves for half-ups and full-ups that are accompanied by left out, loosely-dangling curls. Lots of curls of all sizes, and add some bangs. Have fun and do a lot of experimenting. Master the style that best flatters you and your personal steampunk style!

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