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Hypoallergenic Sleep Spaces

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Allergy season is in full swing, and those that suffer from an allergy to dust or other difficult allergens it can be difficult to find a space that accommodates your struggles.  Sleep is so incredibly important to all of us, but those that deal with specific allergies like these can have a difficult time creating a sleep space that doesn’t cause their allergies to go haywire.  There are, however, some tips to help you in creating a space that’s hypoallergenic to help eliminate some of the frustration and difficulties.

Empty the Entire Room
The first step to creating an environment that’s less taxing on allergens like dust is to empty out the entire bedroom.  Yes, empty it completely.  Kind of like you’re moving.  The reason you want to empty the entire room is so that you can take the time to clean the blank space more thoroughly than you could when there’s furniture in the room.  Now, if the bedroom has carpet in it, you may want to see if you can remove it.  Carpet tends to hold onto dust and can cause problems, so if you can live/do without it, be without it.

Clean Everything Thoroughly
Once you’ve emptied the room entirely, you’re going to want to take the time to thoroughly clean the entire room while it’s empty, from top to bottom.  Get rid of any and all the dust possible.  Then you can start bringing in the pieces of furniture.  As you bring in each piece, be sure it’s been fully cleaned and de-dusted.  Going piece by piece will allow you to take the time to clean it much more thoroughly.  Take your time on this part.

Wash Linens Often
It’s going to be important to keep up with keeping everything clean and dust-free that includes the linens in the room (yes, even drapes!).  It’s key to wash these items often and at a higher temperature (at least 130-degree Fahrenheit is ideal), this will help to eliminate any dust or other allergen build up.

Vacuum Often
Whether you have carpet or another service in the sleep space it’s important to keep up with vacuuming the space as frequently as possible.  Once you’ve done the initial cleaning, you’re going to want to keep up with everything so getting on a vacuuming schedule will help ensure that you catch any dust before the buildup becomes too much.

If you or someone in your family is dealing with an allergen struggle, incorporating these tips will help make their sleep space a happier environment for them.  Be sure that you keep up with the cleaning process so you don’t have to go through the preparation process as often.  The more you keep up with the cleaning, the better the allergen sufferer will feel and the better their sleep will be.

Now that we’ve listed some suggestions for creating a more allergen-friendly sleep space, will you be giving any of these a try?

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