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How to Pull of the Mermaid Look

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to look like a real mermaid, today’s your lucky day – Lionesse is here to give you some tips on how you can pull off a mermaid look and be absolutely fantastic once all is said and done. Let’s take a look at how you can get the look yourself today.

Woman with a wavy hairstyle.

When we think mermaids, and even have a look at the real-life mermaids that live, work, and breathe as professional mermaids, we see wavy, beachy hair. Why wouldn’t it be? They spend so much of their time in the water, swimming with the dolphins, of course their hair is going to look at such. When you’re going for a mermaid look, opt for waves such as boho waves or beachy waves.

Woman wearing a blue gemstone necklacw

Opting for a few pieces of jewelry to accent your look and your outfit is probably just the thing you need to really be yourself and set your look apart. Choose pieces adorned with beachy themed items, such as starfish, beach balls, sea gulls, and more. Necklaces with green gemstones or blue gemstones are also a good choice, as is gold and silver.

Woman with marine life-inspired nails.

Painting your fingernails an aqua blue-green hue will have you looking like the Little Mermaid in no time. Or, you could opt for an aquarium nail look, which will certainly set your look apart from the rest in a minute flat.

Self tanner

Bronzer and Self Tanner
Every mermaid spends a huge amount of time in the sun – which is why we want you to have the glow that they have without the risk involved. Be sure to use a self-tanning product rather than laying out in the sun, and use bronzer on your face to contour your face and look like professional mermaid.

Women completing mermaid exercises during the workout.

Mermaid Classes
Taking a mermaid class may not be the first thing on your mind, but it can certainly help inspire you on how you can get the look of a mermaid. And yes, these classes actually exist – and are taught by certified swimming instructors, who also just so happen to be real mermaids themselves, starring in movies and documentaries worldwide.

Woman wearing a gold head chain.

Head Chains
Wearing a head chain is a great way to channel your inner mermaid. Mermaids in ancient folklore would wear elaborate jewelry that they had either found on the bottom of the ocean, or had confiscated during swindling the crew of a ship. Golden head chains would be the perfect addition to boho waves and some beachy, aqua toned nail polish.

Woman wearing gold sandals.

Golden Sandals
Golden sandals or sandals with colors or patterns that resemble water or will reflect water would be a great addition to get your mermaid look. Anything shiny, metallic, and eye-catching would be exceptional for the mermaid look.

Woman wearing a short sequin dress.

Clothing Choice
Your choice of clothing can really make or break your mermaid look. Opting for items which contain a lot of sequins would look fantastic, while also incorporating the colors of the sea such as aqua, deep blue, sea green, and gold. Choose something flowy, loose, and reminiscent of the ocean’s waves – a long, flowy dress or a short, form-fitting dress that resembles the body of a mermaid would be perfect.

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