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How to Make Everyday Life More Glamorous

For some reason, there’s a stigma around being glamorous and living a more glamorous lifestyle.  Most of the time when we think of being glamorous we think of the mega-rich and famous, but why is glamour only reserved for them?  We believe anyone can live a glamorous life if they want to, it’s not just about your bank account or how much you spend.  It’s really more of a lifestyle!  Since we think everyone deserves some glamorous elements into their lives, we thought we’d come up with a few fun ways to make everyday life more glamorous to get you inspired.

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Create a Glam Space
Let’s face it, we don’t all have the bank account to back up renovating our homes to look like something the Kardashians would live in.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t create our own little glam spaces.  If you want a little more glam in your everyday life, think about the areas of your home you spend the MOST time in.  What are some little touches or changes you can make that add a little more glam to them?  Maybe it’s getting fresh flowers weekly, or adding a picture that makes you feel glamorous to your bathroom wall.  It doesn’t have to be anything major, but those little things are really amazing ways to make your everyday life feel a bit more glam.

Plan Your Mornings
Remember when your parents told you to pick out your outfit for school the night before?  We somehow lost sight of that as we got older.  But the fact is there are a lot of benefits to actually planning your morning routine the night before.  Getting every little detail you can into place can help your mornings go so much more smoothly and help you feel like a princess.  Plan out what you can for your breakfast, lay out your outfit, get everything in order for yourself so when you wake up it’s already done and you can just enjoy the process of getting yourself ready for the day in leisure.  That’s pretty glamorous if you ask us!

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Celebrate  More
Something that we noticed about those iconic glamorous ladies is they always LOOK like they’re celebrating, they may not necessarily be celebrating a specific occasion but honestly…do we need a special occasion to enjoy life in a celebratory way?  We didn’t think so.  So why not start looking at different ways to celebrate yourself, your job, and any little thing that makes you happy.  It’s a great way to feel like a glamour queen and really doesn’t have to be complicated.  Maybe it just means you have a glass of wine and a bubble bath one evening, or getting some fresh flowers for yourself, or something else that brings joy and relaxation to your day.

Honestly, adding glamour to your life doesn’t have to mean spending a ton of money or even being super complicated.  They can be small little touches that make the biggest differences in you feeling like the glamour queen you are inside.

How do you add more glamour to your everyday life?

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