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How to Keep Your Eyebrows Fierce

Woman with fierce eyebrows.

When it comes to maintaining your eye brows, you want to make all the right decisions. Your eyebrows are the picture frames to your eyes, so to speak, and speak volumes about your appearance and beauty routine. They can tell someone all about you before you actually speak. For example, someone who has a unibrow will appear unkempt, as if their appearance doesn’t matter. Someone who, on the other hand, takes proper care of their brows by getting a weekly or bi-weekly wax will appear well put together and like they care about their appearance. Lionesse gives you a few tips on how you can keep your eye brows fierce to always look your best.

Woman getting her eyebrows waxed.

Opt for a Wax
Choosing to get a weekly or bi-weekly wax done on your brows is essential to maintain perfect, flawless eye brows. This is the most widely used method to care for brows because it provides an even, perfect look. Opt for making an appointment with a trained esthetician or salon to get your wax, and you will not be disappointed. If you have no prior experience in waxing your own brows, err on the side of caution.

Woman tweezing her eyebrows.

Don’t Go Tweezer Happy
It can be an easy to do mistake that can be costly. Over tweezing your brows can end up rendering you hairless, or with uneven brows. When tweezing, you shouldn’t be shaping your brows – only removing stray hairs that are far out of place. Over tweezing the brows can result in permanent damage to the hair follicle, and the hair may never grow back. To get a pretty brow shape, you will want to opt for a wax or eyebrow threading.

Woman getting her eyebrows threaded.

Eyebrow Threading
Eyebrow threading is an age old tradition which got its beginning in India, but made its way to the Western world over recent years. It has gained increasing popularity among the younger crowds who would like to try something different and edgy. Eyebrow threading is the act of taking a string, wrapping it in a specific fashion around the fingers, and creating somewhat of a knot, in which individual eyebrow hairs are removed, leaving behind a beautiful, natural looking brow line. This is a great option if you are seeking something more natural looking and less extreme than a wax.

Woman applying brow gel on her eyebrows.

Brow Powder & Gel
To fill in sparse eyebrows or overplucked brows, you can reach for a good brow powder and gel and brow brush to fill in the gaps and make the brows appear more natural and lush. Brow powder is available in every shade an eyebrow could be, from blonde to dark.

Woman using a brow pencil to define her eyebrows.

Brow Pencils
Brow pencils are another great tool to keep your eyebrows looking fierce. They can add shape and definition to the brow if you would like to change its overall appearance for a specific look, fill in sparse brows, or add a pop of a different color if you’re going for a different kind of look. Brow pencils are inexpensive and a fabulous tool to add to your beauty arsenal.

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