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How to Incorporate More Color into Your Wardrobe

Colorful outfits

Adding color into your wardrobe isn’t that difficult.

Many of us will get into a rut or find ourselves stuck to the same palette when picking out new clothes. After a few years, a monotone wardrobe can get pretty old.

Here are a few tips for incorporating more color into your wardrobe:

Take It Slow
The most important tip for incorporating more color into your wardrobe is to add colors slowly. If you’re an experienced fashionista, you probably know what you’re doing. But if you’re just starting out, you should test out new colors one by one.

Take it too fast and you could end up with combinations that are real eye sores. When you add a new color to your wardrobe, try it first with neutral colors and see how it feels.

Then, start slowly by combining it with complementary colors and opposites, as mentioned below. Keep in mind – just because you see Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez sporting all sorts of brightly colored prints and patterns, does not mean that YOU need to wear the same! Look around, and take notice of what people are wearing on the streets – this will give you a little more “courage” when it comes to blending initially when you are incorporating more color.

Pick Complementary Colors
One easy way to get away from your existing color set is to pick a new complementary color. The more this new color coordinates with your existing color set, the better off you’ll be.

Opposites attract, so try out some colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel. Don’t be too extreme, though, otherwise the combo will look harsh. Find out whether you are a cool or a warm (depending on the tone of your skin and hair color), this will help you when choosing the types of shades, otherwise, you could end up looking washed out and sickly!

Add Shades
Want to stick with the same color palette? One way to add more color without straying too far from your existing color scheme is to pick a different shade of the same color.

Add lighter or darker shades to a bottom or top and you’ll be able to add color without leaving your comfort zone. This way, it will be easy to match colors without being matchy-matchy and looking like a total beginner.

Throw in Accessories
Adding a dash or a splash of color isn’t hard with the right accessories. Scarves, jewelry, watches, hats, socks, or shoes can add the color you’re looking for.

This small accent of color will let you experiment with new shades, one color at a time, without diving in head-first.

Layer Colors
Layering clothes is another way to add color to a wardrobe without buying a whole new outfit or piece of clothing. If you want to save some money or start out slowly, this is another good option.

For instance, pick a different colored shirt or jacket that would go well with your existing wardrobe.

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