Skin Care February 16, 2017

How Much Product Do You Really Need?


Applying skin care products is essential to having that healthy, glowing skin we all want to have.  Of course, it’s important to make sure that the products you’re using are high quality and designed to work with your skin’s type.  But it’s also important to make sure that you’re using the proper amount of product.  Yes, we said the amount of product.  Using too little, or too much can have a negative impact on your skin’s appearance and health.  So you’re probably thinking…how much product do you really need?  Well, we’re glad you asked because we’re breaking things down so you have a clearer understanding moving forward.

When cleansing your skin, it’s easy to feel as though we need quite a bit of the cleansing product to really get a thorough cleanse on our skin – isn’t it?  Sure!  While we may often feel like we need a lot of cleanser to actually cleanse our skin, experts suggest that you should only need about a dime size amount of product to get a good cleansing on your skin to give you the best results.

Another product that so often many of us tend to use a lot of when applying.  It’s definitely easy to feel as though adding a ton of moisturizer is going to give you that hydrated, moisturized skin you want.  However, according to the experts all you really need for a moisturizer is about a quarter size amount of product.  Yep, just a quarter!  When using a quality moisturizer you shouldn’t need any more than that to give you face the moisture it needs without over doing it.

Are you in the habit of applying SPF on a daily basis?  We sure hope so!  While it’s suggest to make sure that you’re applying a good amount of SPF to your skin on a daily basis, this is something you also want to make sure you’re not using too much of when applying it to your face on a daily basis.  Experts suggest that you really should only need about a quarter sized amount of product to apply to your face and keep it protected, without having TOO much product.

woman applying eye cream

Eye Creams
Eye cream products are so wonderful for really keeping the delicate skin around your eyes looking youthful and healthy.  While many of us feel like more is more, especially when we’re hoping to fight aging from occurring on our skin, it’s not necessarily the case.  Experts suggest that you should really only need about a penny size of eye cream product to get the results you want from the product.  This is especially important because the skin around your eyes is so delicate and sensitive.

Treatment Products
Serum and oil products are amazing for getting that extra treatment you’re looking for in your skin care routine.  But much like the other products we’ve mentioned, it’s important to make sure you’re not using too much product.  Experts say that you should really only need about a penny size of product to get the results you need from these types of treatment products.

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