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Holiday Travel Hacks You Need to Know

So, it looks like your holiday this year is going to be centered around the need to vacate, travel and visit. Regardless of whether you’ll be returning to a familiar resting spot or entering altogether uncharted territories, you want to be prepared–and this means going the extra mile to ensure that, just in case the variables do not line up in the exact manner you might be imagining them, you’ll be set. First, you need to accept the fact that nothing (nothing) is entirely foolproof, but with a little wise packing and a smile on your face, your travel time this holiday will net amazing rewards. The following holiday hacks are here, for your perusal, and in the hopes that you’ll find at least a few to ease your travel-dreads for this holiday. And if not, you will at least look fabulous while you have to sit there, stewing somewhat miserably–(shall we add, among beloved in-laws?)

Woman packing for a holiday.

Roll, ‘em all, or Go Home
Where were our mothers and grandmothers when rolling clothing to straighten out and prevent wrinkled clothing was discovered? Surely a whole “suitcase” of “possibles” might ensue, but the thing is, rolling travel clothing preceded the rolling of stay-at-home clothes. Whether the clothes will travel with you or remain in drawers at home, rolling them instead of folding them will result in no fold lines, way fewer wrinkles and an amazing reduction of space required for all your ensembles. Listen up: If you never travel again, learn to roll your out-of-the-dryer laundry–the best!

What is Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander
This ancient idiom probably has roots in some archaic event with absolutely no connection to anything we modern folks might possibly be able to conceptualize, but it seems to fit the bill here. A brief apologetic might include a modern day translation of “Perhaps if a particular thing works in one area of your life, it could possibly work in another.” Get the drift? Why this? Because it might be that the following holiday travel hacks might serve you well when you come back home, too!

Child at the airport

Traveling With Children
The best (read between the lines: not best, but ONLY) way to commandeer the errant attention of your children is by putting into action a plan with SHOCK FACTOR. Now, how you accomplish this can stem from a variety of elements, depending a lot of your personality and that of your children. Find that shocking thing, and you will have at least one, and possibly two times to distract your children from any bad behavior. This may sound too limited, but when you find yourself as the sole adult tour guide/docent for your kids in a severely distressing situation in a public place, even a one time distraction can be sufficient. Another tip is to make sure that your shocking distraction ends with some type of reward for your kids.

For instance, as an example, you could go into some wild tirade about how you just discovered that you are a donkey and not a human being, complete with donkey gestures, voice and other make believe. After you have successfully gained your children’s attention plan a wind-up at the end that includes a playful or gastronomic reward. In fact, when traveling with children- pack tons of small rewards, incentives etc. To really make a difference and ensure good behavior, begin focusing on rewarding children for good behavior instead of doling out punishment for unwanted behavior. Make a game of it.

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