Makeup December 17, 2014

Holiday Party Approved Makeup Looks

This season is all about style, fashion, cosmetics and creating your own lane. While traditional makeup products such as red lipstick and glittery nail polish have and always will be a go-to for a quick fix, why not take the time to invest a little bit of work into your look this season? Lionesse would like to help you sort out some approved Holiday party looks that you can wear and feel good about this Christmas.

 Woman with hair done and metallic makeup ready for the holidays

Metallic – It’s All the Rage!

Metallic toned hues and colors are the rage this season. If you can’t find any ideas this Holiday season to wear to your Holiday parties, fear not – grab some metallic shaded nail polish such as silver, gold, glitter, or bronze, and you’re halfway there already. Follow up with some metallic shaded eye shadow and black liner, and you’re practically ready to go! Pair whatever outfit you choose to wear with some silver or gold heels, and you’ll be the life of the party! Everyone will want to know who you’re wearing and what inspired your look.

Celebrating the holidays in little dresses

Sexy Little Dress Inspired Makeup

Depending on where you live, chances are likely that this season is cold this time of year. If you aren’t able to wear a little black dress or little red dress, no worries – knee length and sleeveless is perfectly fine as well. They look festive if bought in the right colors for the season – which are pearl, black, silver, red, and gold – and are extremely easy to dress up with accessories and a bit of makeup. Almost any hairstyle can complement this type of dress. Be sure to pair with a faux fur coat for a luxurious, festive look. In terms of the cosmetics you will need to pull this look off and tie it all together, some nude lipstick works well with a red dress or even a black dress, while red or berry colors work well with pearl or silver colors. Compare and contrast colors, and don’t overuse one color with another. For instance – if you are wearing a red dress, accent the dress with a varying lip color such as nude rather than pairing it also with red. Some bold eyes that make a statement work great – thick lashes either through mascara or false lashes are perfect for your holiday parties. Smoky eye makeup is a definite yes this season.

Woman with red lipstick holiday up several shades of holiday lipstick shades

Lipstick Colors

Red lips in any shade of red always work for the Christmas season. You can also dress your red lipstick up with a touch of glittery lipgloss around your cupid’s bow area and bottom lip’s center, or apply a coat of clear gloss over your lips for added shine. You can also opt for a berry color or even a nude, which looks fabulous with a red dress and nude shoes. Rock it however you like, and have fun adding extra’s to your lip color. For something really special, try Lionesse Mineral Eye Shimmer – mix with a clear coat of lip gloss, and embellish your colored lips with a bit of glossy, shimmery glitter for a fantastic finish!


There are so many looks you can obtain through simply being creative and piecing one idea with another. Take a few holiday inspired trends and combine them to create your own lane and your own style. You never know who might be watching, and what type of a trend you may be able to start on your own by simply being yourself this Holiday Season. Wear what you like and don’t settle for holiday styles you aren’t partial to. There are plenty of holiday styles to go around!


Season’s Greetings from all of us at Lionesse US!

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