Skin Care May 23, 2017

Help Your Skin Recover After A Fun Night Out

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Summer tends to be filled with so many fun events and parties. Let’s face it…the warm weather is the perfect excuse to head out for a fun night out, too. We’ve all had those mornings that consist of us waking up after a fun night out, to skin that looks less than amazing. It’s all fun and games until we wake up the next day! Fortunately, we’ve discovered some great tips to help your skin recover after a fun night out. Just like you may be feeling the need to recover, we’re going to help you recover your skin to get back to that glow as quickly as possible!

Get In Some Steam
Waking up after a night out can lead to feeling like your skin is a bit rough and dry. Experts suggest exposing your skin to steam, in order to help open up the pores, help to really flush out a lot of the toxins in your skin, and add more moisture into your skin. Hop into the shower and let your skin be exposed to some of the steam for a few minutes to really get everything flowing.


Drink a Lot of Water
Chances are, waking up after a fun night out your skin tends to look a bit less glow-worthy and much more dull. To put it simply, this is because our skin tends to be lacking a lot of hydration after a night out on the town. The key to helping with this is to start drinking as much water as possible, as early as you can. Before you head to bed after a night out, try to make sure you get into the habit of drinking plenty of water. In addition, start drinking water when you wake up for the day to get your skin’s hydration back on track after your fun night out.

Apply a Face Mask
Even if you’re in the habit of taking your makeup off before heading to bed (kudos if you even do it after a night out!), your skin is likely still needing a little boost. One of the best way to make sure you really get any leftover makeup off your face and get your skin a nice, healthy boost after your night out is to apply a face mask. Experts suggest a clay mask or something that really focuses on hydration is best in this type of situation. As we mentioned above, your skin is likely lacking most of its natural hydration and moisture so applying a mask to your face the next day is going to help give you that boost to your skin to help with the recovery process. The earlier you’re able to apply the mask to your face, the better. Since your skin is likely really craving the moisture and hydration, it will help your skin feel better and give you that glow much earlier. You’ll have even better results if you do this after you expose your skin to steam, since your pores will be open and much more willing to absorb the masks treatment.

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