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Healthy Family Activities

family bonding during a walk.

As families across the US start to get into the back to school routine, getting everyone on a healthy activity schedule is another factor that comes into play.  Everyone’s schedules are a little different with the kids in school and it can be really easy to fall into a routine of watching TV and everyone on their phones/tablets at the end of the day.  But recent studies and knowledge have come out to show that we ALL need to be more active.  Since you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed getting everyone back in the swing of another school year, we thought we would share a few healthy family activities to give you some ideas on how to keep everyone healthy this school year.

Get Into A Schedule
Anytime a schedule changes it can take some time for everyone to adjust, especially when there’s a change as big as going from summer break to school.  The adjustments are necessary for the entire household.  Many experts on this topic suggest really getting into a schedule and making it a point for the family to do something active together on a regular basis.  The first step you may want to do , is actually figuring out t how your family is spending time throughout the week – this may be something you’ll want to write down or keep notes on.

But determining HOW you’re spending your time can help you see where some adjustments can be made.  After you see how your family is spending time, find time slots that allow everyone to do something active even if it’s just 30 minutes in a day.  Planning that time will play a huge role in everyone actually participating.  The activities don’t have to be anything super formal or difficult even if it’s just going on a walk (even just walking the kids to or from school), doing yard work or something simple.  It’s really just about getting everyone moving and away from the technology for a bit, allowing you all to bond too.

Step Away From The Screens
In today’s world, we’re ALL constantly using some sort of screen device.  Whether it’s a tablet, phone, computer or TV we’re all guilty of spending more time than we should on screen devices.  Limiting the amount of time the entire family spends on screen devices/technology can have a huge impact on family bonding and staying healthy together.  Because let’s face it – when we’re on these devices we’re not really present emotionally and likely just sitting around!  Find a time that feels good and have the entire family stick to that time limit.  It’ll get everyone more excited to do healthy activities more regularly!

The thing about healthy activities for the entire family is we all tend to overthink things.  Activities don’t need to be super drawn out, extensive things but just small intervals of time that gets everyone up and moving around.  Naturally, eating healthy and having healthy snacks around can be another huge help to keep everyone healthy in the start of the new school year as well.

What healthy family activities do you enjoy setting into place?

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