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Halloween Costumes for Couples

There is no more fun way to “do” Halloween than with a cohort, and especially when that cohort is your significant other. You can choose a pair from a totally whimsical direction like cartoon fame, or perhaps a superhero and nemesis, or something really commonplace that always comes in pairs, like salt and pepper is a fun choice. Among some of the many “ready to buy” popular couples’ costume choices there’s always Mario Bros., the big, bad wolf and Little Red Riding Hood, Hunger Games, Frozen, the Incredibles, the Flintstones, Pirates, Cops and Robbers and Batman and Robin.

Halloween costume

Capturing Some Famous Couples We Love
It ought to be a lot of fun showing up as Forrest Gump and his beloved Jenny, with all of the comments you could repeat and even make up, and Jenny responding in kind. Forrest isn’t the smartest chocolate in the box, but he sure has some wisdom to share, in his inimitable round about way. And that’s all there is to say about that. Who hasn’t envisioned a marriage between Superman and Wonder woman at some time or another? While it won’t be a surprise to see the two showing up in tandem at the party, it will definitely be a head-turner, for all the right reasons.

Go With What Best Suits Your Personality and Who Best Suits Your Partying Style
A long-running classic standard of the doctor and the nurse has lots of room for creative impromptu performances and one-liners, whether from Groucho Marx or straight from your imagination. With Belle, the beauty and the gruesomely grotesque beast tagging along, it’ll be fun making up all the reasons why “looks don’t really matter.” There are never enough angel and devil combos, and this pair could spend an entire night debating over souls at the Halloween celebration. There are flapper-gangster combos, matadors and bulls, the timeless pairing of Cinderella and her Prince Charming to complete the Halloween possibilities for couples. While you might have to spend a little time and energy explaining who they are, Raggedy Ann and Andy are a beloved couple who are always thought of as being together, and might get a lot of hugs from anyone remembering having these two when they were little. With many couples’ costumes absolutely requiring the two components, make sure you like your “other half” well enough to spend the whole evening together.

Katie Price dressed like a horse.

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The Former Two-Person Horse
While the former famous “horse” costume may never show up these days, it was certainly just about the best couples costume, ever. The major problem with this one was that nobody wanted to be the “rear” half, and everyone wanted the “leading” role. And it’s understandable, seeing as where the costume’s anatomy would place the rear end of the head juxtaposed with the head of the rear end. And there would be no way to remain in that position for very long, or be able to socialize at the party, either. It is a lot more fun for everyone if the costumes stay intact as much as possible–it preserves the flavor of Halloween in the best of ways. For all those pictures everyone will be posting.

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