Hair November 13, 2015

Hair Styles Trending Now

If it’s short and showing off many radically differing levels, particularly shorter in the back–or if it’s long, with endless and kind of carelessly flowing beachy waves, if it’s got bangs, or without bangs, as a long, shoulder length bob that descends lower in the front and shorter in the back–if it shows off some mad skills braiding and twisting in purposeful placement or at seemingly random places–it’s sure to be one of a delightful host of impressive and currently trending hairstyles. There may have never been so many hairstyles all trending at one time, together like we find now, and oddly, there is no way most of these could ever be matched to another time completely. Each one has a good bit of “now” included that totally rocks the cut, color and styling methods that are so “the thing” now.

Lots of Options for Longer Locks and Shorter Styles as Well
Women who have painstakingly managed to grow out their long hair have never enjoyed the vast wealth of hairstyle effects that they do today, with braiding, bun wizardry and many other forms of long hair sculpting that exist right now. And then, you add coloring effects, and you’ve opened up another almost infinite variety of beautification options for the important hair of today’s women. The upsweeps, half-ups. off to one sides and such are generally formed in a certain purposeful, haphazard fashion that is indicatively “now,” and all are ones that women with long hair are all eagerly trying out. And the good news for women with shorter hair is that there are extensions for any time they feel like going long, but there are also many amazing cuts and cutting styles that bring a game-changing control over the way hair of all types performs.

Bangs hairstyle

Soft and Tousled
Short shags eventually grow out, and this year, these recently grown lengths offer some new room for experimentation. The textured fringe cut rocks bangs, and for the rest of the hair, try out some loose, wavy tousled tresses that fall where they may. A great product to use for this style is one of the new volumizing sprays. Bangs require more frequent trimming in order to maintain–than the rest of the hair.

Straight Laced?
There are some more angular cuts trending currently, with ditching the layers in favor of contouring cuts performed with the intent of straight, slick hair that smoothly falls to either side of the face from a center part. Very controlled and intentional, and it’s all about symmetry here. This cut can be shorter in the back and angled downward to the front, and it’s either straight, or has a very subtle underturn at the very bottom that’s almost undetected.

High ponytail

Pony on Up!
The low, low ponytail has received a lot of play, but it looks like the new ponytail trend is to move it way up, to almost the top of the head, and wrapping enough stretchy elastic to lift the base well off the head and out. Finish off with a ½ inch section of the ponytail that you have separated at the base and take that and wind it around and around, to obscure the elastic and create its own accessory effect. Volumize that ponytail and make those ends do the thing you desire with your curling wand or flat iron–it’s up to you.

Messy bun.

Messy Up
The messy bun is still hot, and this updo can be formed at the nape of the neck, or anywhere on up to the very top of the head. Strive for some nicely spaced left out strands and some ends that stick out tauntingly from the bun itself. It’s all about the mess of an otherwise tight, matronly style of yore, and giving it much needed sex appeal.

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