Skin Care October 14, 2015

Greek Skin Care Products

We owe a lot to our Greek predecessors–in fact, most people have no idea just how much we have directly extrapolated from the Greek culture to form the way we live today. Manners of operation, customs, styles, fashion and of course, education and thinking, have all been heavily influenced by our Greek forebearers. The Greeks were known for their high standards of beauty. They also developed many innovative operations to facilitate luxury, improved lifestyles and comfort for the times that we continue to utilize, with many remaining just as, or almost akin to the exact methods that the Greeks once used, such a long and far away time ago.

Beauty for Free
Because of their great admiration and support of superior beauty, the Greeks made exceptional efforts to discover and use the most effective ingredients and formulations possible. The Greek standard for beauty ultimately became the standard for the Greek commitment to perfecting beauty, in just as many ways as was possible. They discovered a myriad of absolutely wonderful benefits from nature and natural substances that are continued even today as chief ingredients in many cosmetic products. Sadly, we today tend to imagine that if we want something to really work, to do more and to contain the finest ingredients; we think that it’s got to come with a fairly hefty price tag. When we learn of ingredients that can be obtained or even grown and obtained from nature’s vast and unprocessed apothecary, we tend to believe that they will not be as effective, easy to use or advanced as the new, even trendy products sold in the high-end boutiques.


Everything Natural
The Greeks made lotions with great skin-softening capacity from mixing ingredients like goats milk or yogurt, aloe vera, herbs, honey, crushed fresh berries and almond paste. The highly prized olive tree was used in every possible form to create superior health and healing, as well as for more beautiful skin and hair. The leaves from the olive tree were crushed for many uses in addition to the olives, which were pressed for their oils. The word “cosmetic” actually is derived from a Greek word “Kosmetikos,” which means harmony, tranquility and order. Another chief ingredient in Greek beauty products was and still is clay.

Olive oil

Powerful Nature
Olive oil even today is highly regarded. While it is no longer used as a form of currency as it was back in ancient times, it is widely lauded for its many excellent benefits for health and beauty. Olive oil was a standard ingredient in the best Greek products, and it continues to be. Olives, honey and vinegar all naturally contain antibacterial properties, which makes it an excellent ingredient in a vast number of applications. Honey was found to contain certain lightening abilities, and was applied to both hair and skin for this purpose. Today, many Greek beauty skin care products contain honey. The Ancient Greeks created many cosmetics by using natural pigments, plant roots, crushed berries, roses, mastic and red wine, and many are found in today’s Greek skin care products.

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