Fashion September 2, 2015

Goth Style Inspiration: Lorde

Goth style was once relegated to awkward high school kids and shock rockers. Yet in recent years, we’ve been seeing elements of goth culture creeping onto the red carpet and high-fashion catwalks.

Singer Lorde has brought goth style to the forefront in a big way. The talented young performer is known for her dark look and her unique style. Successfully avoiding the unapproachable and terrifying appearance that some goth goers are going for, this “soft goth” has actually popped up on runways from New York to Milan this season.

Not that this trend will last, but if you are feeling inspired? Here are a few ways you can incorporate her look:

Woman wearing lacy black dress.

Black Skirts and Dresses
The little black dress is a style icon. The long black dress is a goth icon. Choose a floor-length skirt or dress in all black to get the look. You can choose tailored dresses or flowy dresses with ruffle hems. There is a great deal of flexibility in your dress choices.

The great thing about the black dress or skirt is that you can wear it for any occasion. It’s just as appropriate for a trip to the grocery store as it is for a formal event.

Goth woman with black hair.

Black Hair
Black hair is no longer considered a rebellious look. Stars like Katy Perry and Demi Lovato have shown that black hair can be sophisticated and fashionable, as well. It can also work for a variety of skin types.

The deep and rich hues of violet and blue are another trend that is gaining momentum. Whether you want to just dabble with this subtle color on the ends of your hair or do an all-over hair revamp, this snap of color really gives hair depth and texture.

Try out black hair to play with your style options. Wear a dark lipstick and eyeliner when you want to channel your inner goth, or wear a more natural or fashionable look when you are at the office or out on a date.

Woman wearing black boots.

Black Boots
Chunky, black boots are a staple of the goth look. You can wear them with a black dress or skirt for the full goth look, or you can wear them with other clothes for just a little goth. Wear them with jeans and a sweater, or wear them with a short, feminine skirt for a little edge. Think the Doc Marten’s of the 90’s but updated.

Woman wearing dark makeup.

Make Up
This updated goth style still includes a dark lip and eye, but with a softer, less dramatic feel. Grays and blacks are good as long as you aren’t sporting the darkest look you can find. Give your liner a little cat-eye effect and liner lips with less definition.

You don’t have to paint your face white and drape on chokers and silver chains to get the goth look. You can incorporate some of these fashionable looks to add a little edge to your everyday wear and channel famous star Lorde.

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