Skin Care February 18, 2017

Fortifying Sensitive Skin

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Do you have sensitive skin?  Having sensitive skin can feel like a bit of a hassle at times, if you’re ever kind of hesitant to wear or use certain things in fear that you’ll have a sensitivity reaction.  We get it!  So many people struggle with sensitive skin, and while you may be using great products you’re probably still eager to find ways to help with fortifying sensitive skin.  We’re all about bringing you the best tips we know and find, and since we know so many people are struggling with sensitive skin these days it was the perfect time for us to share some of the

Don’t Leave Without SPF
SPF is important for everyone to make use of, but when you have sensitive skin and you’re trying to fortify it, it’s essential to make sure that you’re not leaving the house without applying SPF.  SPF is key in really helping give your skin protection from the sun.  The sun is harsh on everyone’s skin, but even more so when you have sensitive skin.  So keeping yourself a step ahead by applying SPF on a consistent basis is going to help ensure that your skin isn’t being affected by the sun in such a way that could make the sensitivity worse. fortifying sensitive skin tips we’ve discovered.

Eliminate Certain Ingredients in Your Products
Using skin care products daily is crucial to keeping your skin healthy, however if you’re not using the best skin care products for you and your skin’s type they won’t be doing you any favors.  One of the tips that all the experts suggest with those with sensitive skin is to avoid products that have a lot of chemicals and fragrances in them.  Why?  Both of these things can cause your skin to become even more sensitive, and cause your skin to struggle to heal and really create its own protective barrier on its own when it’s constantly being put under that type of stress.  Take a look at the products you’re using and if any of them have a lot of different chemicals (like sulfates) or fragrances, you may want to consider switching your products to something else.

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Have a Healthy Lifestyle
We can’t forget to mention the importance of having a healthy lifestyle, and how that can have such a huge impact on your skin’s health – especially when you have sensitive skin.  Eating a well-balanced diet, drinking a lot of water, exercising, etc. are all key factors in helping your sensitive skin to be fortified and healthy.

Test Products
Using new products for your skin is always fun and exciting, but when you have sensitive skin it can also lead to having a reaction that you weren’t ready for.  Experts suggest that to really help keep your skin healthy and strong, you need to do a test on any new products before actually using them.  The best places to test new products are said to be right behind your ear and on the inside of your elbow.  Leave any new products there for a bit and if you’re going to have a reaction they will likely show some signs pretty quickly.


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