Skin Care September 22, 2016

Five Ways To Slow Skin Aging

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As time passes, aging is a big part of that process.  While we can’t completely stop the fact that time passes and we all get older (sorry!), we felt like there had to be some ways to slow the aging process on at least your skin.  Well, fortunately we found some!  We’re sharing five ways to slow skin aging with YOU, so you can start to incorporate these five things into your life.  Because we know you want to slow the aging process down as much as possible, too.

Go easy on the sugar
Sugar has been linked to effecting our bodies and skin in a much more powerful way than many of us have realized for years.  With a lot of the research and information about sugar and the link between it and your skin relating to the fact that it’s been known to cause inflammation in your skin.  When your body produces too much inflammation, it actually starts to negatively affect the collagen in your body – i.e. can make you look older, quicker.  So cutting out, or at least cutting back on how much sugar you eat and drink has been found to yield pretty great results for a lot of people.

Exfoliate, but really this time!
You’ve heard us talk about the importance of exfoliating your skin, but are you taking us seriously?  If you still haven’t been exfoliating you may change that knowing that it can slow down skin aging!  Since exfoliating is a process that eliminates dead skin cells, it actually helps to give your skin and overall more youthful appearance.

Cut out the stress
Similar to sugar, there has recently been a lot more of a link between stress and our health/appearance.  What many experts have found is when we’re under a lot of stress, our body becomes more inflamed, which similarly to sugar can break down the collagen in our bodies and have us looking older quicker.  We know it’s easier said than done, but you’ve got to try to cut out some of the stress in your life.  You’ll be healthier and you’ll start to slow down your skin aging!

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Get more sleep, for REAL
Again, we know it’s so much easier to say get more sleep than actually get more sleep.  But in all seriousness, when our body is sleeping it works to repair itself and really get the rest it needs to function properly throughout the day.  When we don’t get enough sleep our body isn’t able to heal or function as optimally.  Let your skin cells repair, will ya?

Wear sunscreen, ALWAYS
You’ve heard it a thousand times… but you’re still probably going out without SPF aren’t you?  It’s ok, no judgement here!  But if you really want to slow skin aging from happening, you’re going to need to get serious about your SPF routine.  That means wearing SPF ALL THE TIME.  Yes, we said it.  Don’t leave the house without it, even in the winter months and even if the sun doesn’t seem like it’s shining.

Those are our five ways to slow skin aging!  Do you have any you live by?

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