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Five Tips For Sticking To A Skin Care Routine

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Do you struggle really sticking to a skin care routine?  When it comes to having a skin care routine being consistent with it is a major element to really succeed and get the results you want.  Look, we get it…sticking with something isn’t the easiest thing to do, regardless of how great it is for you.  Since we’re about to transition seasons soon it’s time to start reevaluating our skin care routines.  If you’re not currently consistent with your skin care routine, you may be ready to finally make it stick but need a little guidance.  We’ve discovered five tips to sticking to a skincare routine to help you get a little inspiration and motivation for your skin care routine.

Have an Organization System
Here’s the deal…when it comes to your skin care routine if you have to go around searching for the products you want/need to use it’s pretty difficult to stick with it.  We know that to really stick with something we need everything to be easily accessible.  Having an organization system for all your skin care products is going to be a major help in really helping you to stick with your routine.  Have everything together and organized so you can reach them easily.

Give Yourself a Reminder
We’re all busy and have busy lifestyles, so it’s easy to forget or feel like you don’t have time to really go through your skin care routine.  One thing that we’ve found is really helpful when you’re trying to get in the habit of sticking to a skin care routine is actually giving yourself a reminder.  Yep, that little feature you have in your phone to set reminders?  Set one to remind yourself to go through your skin care routine!  Sounds simple, but it’s pretty effective when you’re first getting started.

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Start With the Basics
Getting into the habit of a skin care routine can be difficult, especially if you try to start things out with a pretty extensive skin care routine.  Instead of starting with a ton of steps, start with the basics of cleansing, toning and moisturizing.  Once you get that down pat, you can begin adding in other things.

Clean Out What You Don’t Use
We all tend to develop a pretty large collection of different beauty products, many of which we don’t even use after a while.  Having too many products around can cause us to feel a bit overwhelmed and not all that excited to use them.  One tip that we’ve found to be helpful is to go through all of your beauty products and get rid of anything that you’re not using.  It’s just taking up space, but can clear the space so you can focus on the items you do use.

Make Your Space Enjoyable
Let’s face it…if we have an area that’s not enjoyable to be around we tend to avoid it.  So when you’re getting started in sticking with a skin care routine it’s important to make sure the space you plan to go through your routine in is a space that’s enjoyable – adding some fun accessories that you enjoy.  Every little bit helps!

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