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Fifty and Fabulous : Secrets to Aging Gracefully

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Have you ever met someone, or seen someone that you felt made aging look incredibly graceful?  Us too!  It’s pretty amazing how some women are able to age that way, while so many of us seem to be fighting it.  The thing is, age really is just a number and women (and men) can be fabulous long into their 50’s and long after!  We thought since this week is all about time, it would be appropriate to chat about fifty and fabulous the secrets to aging gracefully.

Don’t sweat the small stuff
In our search for some tips on aging gracefully, we kept coming up with women talking about letting the little things go.  So many of us tend to hold on to so much, and build up unnecessary stress.  Really, what are we holding on to all of it for?  Changing your perspective and eliminating unnecessary stress seems to be a major secret for many women who age gracefully.  It’s not about never having stress, but knowing when and where to allow stressful situations to affect you.  In addition, many feel as though having a more positive outlook on life has a bit impact on aging gracefully.  Probably didn’t think we would be bringing THAT one up, huh?

Keep your skin care simple
With so many different skin care and beauty products available so many of us feel we need to use it all to fight off aging.  But ironically what many gracefully aging women have said is that they keep their skin care pretty simple, right to the point.  Avoiding a lot of the over-done things and getting back to the basics.  Interesting, right?  Sometimes more isn’t more, but less really is more!

Eat well-balanced diets
Another one that may shock you, many of the experts and the women that seem to just age so effortlessly suggest is that they do make sure to eat a well-balanced diet.  Not over-stuffing themselves, but also not completely limiting yourself either.  Enjoying things as you like them, but making sure to include healthy proteins and veggies to get all those great nutrients in the body.  Not only are those types of foods great for your skin, but they’re also great for your body overall.  It’s no wonder they look amazing!

Middle aged woman running

Stay active
We definitely live in a world that sits on our electronic devices a lot, but most women that age gracefully all agree that staying active and not just sitting around all day is a major factor in aging gracefully.  When we sit around our bodies become stiff, but when we’re active our blood gets pumping and our bodies working to function properly.

Don’t skimp on sleeping
We always hear that we need to get 7-8 hours of sleep, but experts have said less and less people are actually getting it.  If you really want to age gracefully, you need to make YOU and your sleeping patterns a priority.  Our bodies repair and rejuvenate themselves while we’re sleeping – we’d say that’s worth getting some shut eye for.

Do you have any secrets to aging gracefully?

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