Skin Care March 24, 2016

Family Photo Skin Prep

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Getting ready to take a family photo? Since you’re taking the time to capture your family in such a special way, taking some time to make sure everyone is prepared is a worthwhile time investment. Skin prep is especially crucial before a photo session, while it may seem like a little thing, it can be those little touches that affect the photos. You don’t want a missed skin care area to be the focal point of your beautiful family photo, so preparation is key. When scheduling a family photo session, it’s great to get the whole family involved so you’re all sure to look your absolute best!

Exfoliation is huge in skin care, and can make an incredible different in the appearance of your skin. This is why it’s especially important to take some time to exfoliate prior to your photos being taken. Get the whole family involved, and have everyone exfoliate! Now although we often think of exfoliating our face, if you’re wearing short sleeves or something that shows more skin than just the face it’s important to exfoliate the rest of your body also. Dry brushing and body scrubs are great options to exfoliate your entire body, and just like on your face, they leave your skin look smooth and refreshed.

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Drink a Lot of Water
It may seem obvious, but it’s especially crucial as you’re a couple days away from your photo session. In turn, avoid too many salty foods and alcohol. These prep tips will help keep you from looking and/or feeling puffy and ensure your skin is hydrated and glowy. It may seem like a little thing but really can make a huge difference in the appearance of your skin. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to up your water intake!

Don’t Skimp on Sleep
You don’t want to look (or feel) tired while you’re getting your pictures taken. Make sure the whole family gets to bed at a reasonable hour the night before so everyone is well-rested the next day. This will help make sure you not only look your best in your photos but feel great! If you’re tired during the photos it’s harder to enjoy the process and feel alert.

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Wax/ Shave Ahead of Time
If any of the members of your family need to wax or shave, be sure they leave enough time to avoid having any redness or soreness the day of the photo session. Make sure everyone is prepared for the chosen sleeve lengths and hemlines so there’s no day of photo freak out. You wouldn’t want a few pesky hairs to get in the way of the photos!

Going through these prep steps will help ensure your skin is ready for your big picture day. After all, they’re pictures you’re going to hang onto for years to come. It’s worth taking some time to make sure everyone has fully prepped and not feeling self-conscious come the day of the photos.

Did we miss any skin prep tips you use before pictures?

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