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Fall Beauty is the Best Because….

Fall is a special time of year that is USUALLY everyone’s favorite. The temperatures are perfect, and the scenery is gorgeous. There’s nothing better than taking a walk in the crisp, fall air to watch the golden and crimson leaves falling all around.

Fall is also a special time of year for the beauty world. You can wear some of your favorite styles in the fall, and the climate is perfect for creating your best skin and hair. Here are just a few of the reasons why fall beauty is the best:

Woman during fall

Warmer Colors are In
Warmer colors like reds and browns can give you a beautiful, natural glow. You can try out warmer colors for your hair color, or you can just incorporate them into your makeup palette. The warmer colors will give you natural color that beats any tan. You can also experiment with more vampy makeup colors to try new and bolder looks.

Smoother Hair
Summer heat also brings humidity, and humidity can wreck your hair and turn it into a frizzy mess. You don’t have to deal with the humidity in the fall, which means you can enjoy smoother, shinier locks all season long. You’ll be able to experiment with more hair styles, as a result.

Of course, we can’t overlook one of the best things about fall beauty: Since you’ll be wearing pants so often, you don’t have to shave as often.

Woman wearing gloves during fall.

Hats, Gloves, and Boots
Fall is the best time of year to wear a variety of stylish hats. Hats are too hot for summer, and the hats you have to wear in winter are more for function than style. You get to experiment with hats in the fall, and the hats also protect your hair from damage.

Fall is also the time of year you can break out the boots and gloves. Not only do they open up more style options, but they also protect your hands and feet. You won’t have to keep up with your manicure and pedicure as often, and your skin won’t dry out as quickly.

Sweat-Free, Cool Nights!
What better time to pull out that old creamy fisherman’s sweater and sit around a camp fire than fall? Cozy, comfy, snuggly clothes that ANY body type looks amazing in! No worries about getting your body in perfect shape for swimsuit season makes fall number one alone. That hot summer sun that had you sweating and your makeup running all day has eased up and has been replaced with shorter days and a cool breeze. Dust off those sweaters and get ready, fall is here!

So get out your scarves and boots, light up a pumpkin candle, and get ready to embrace the fall. It’s the best time of the year to be your most beautiful self.

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