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Exfoliating And Moisturizing In The Fall

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You’ve probably noticed that as the season change, your skin changes with it. Now that the weather is slowly starting to change after a gorgeous summer season, we’re getting cooler temps with less humidity. While that’s great, your skin is going to go through a transition with the weather. Exfoliating and moisturizing in the fall are incredible ways to take care of your skin, while it’s important to keep up with these all year long we’re focusing on the fall tips to get you started this season on the right foot.

During this time of year, as the air becomes a bit drier you may notice your skin the following suit. After dealing with humidity in the summer months, the dryness in the air definitely reflects onto our skin. Exfoliating is important to keep your skin healthy regardless of the season, but you’ll likely notice that it will help give your skin a nice refreshing cleanse of sorts. Since exfoliating is great for getting a really deep clean and eliminating dry, flaky skin from your…skin it does wonders when your skin is dry. Experts suggest using an exfoliating product that’s going to be nice and gentle on your skin. Even though you’re exfoliating you don’t want to be too rough on your skin, especially since it’s likely in a more vulnerable state with the change in season. Get into a regular exfoliating routine to help get your skin on track, and keep your skin healthy and looking more flawless through the change in seasons.

As far as moisturizing goes, it’s going to be your new BFF for the fall season. Like we said, the air is going to get dryer which means your skin is going to….hello moisturizer! Moisturizing your skin is going to do wonders to really lock in moisture and bring more hydration to your skin. There’s not much worse than having dry flaky skin, and honestly, a great moisturizer can help eliminate a lot of this pretty easily. It’s suggested that you moisturize your skin every morning and evening, and if you find you still have a lot of dryness try carrying a small moisturizing cream with you to apply when you’re out. Getting into more of a routine is going to really help you from having to deal with dry skin during this fall season. Most experts even suggest switching your moisturizer to something that’s a little heavier, more like a moisturizing cream. Since your skin does need more moisture than it did in the summer adjusting your skincare products to accommodate can be a really great help.

Of course regardless of the skin care products you choose to use, make sure you’re using products that are designed to work with your skin type. This will help make sure even if you add a creamier moisturizer it isn’t something that’s going to cause breakouts or clog your pores. These are definitely two steps you’re not going to want to skip this fall season.

Do you have to go to products or techniques for exfoliating and moisturizing in the fall?

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