Skin Care February 4, 2017

Exfoliate Without Causing Abrasions

woman exfoliating face

Exfoliating is an essential part of our skin care routine, if you’ve been following along with us for a while now you’ve seen us talk about how important it is.  However, just like with anything else doing this step properly is just as important as actually doing it.  Because exfoliating is something that can cause problems if not done properly, we wanted to make sure we spent a little time sharing some tips on how to exfoliate without causing abrasions.  We’ve heard some people say that they’re a bit intimidated to use exfoliating products in fear of causing damage or abrasions to their skin, and since we know that exfoliating can be so great when added to your skin care routine we want to ensure you’re making the most of it.

Of course, any time you’re going to exfoliate the first step is to ensure that the exfoliating product that you’re using is a good quality product.  You want something that’s going to exfoliate and eliminate the dead skin cells and dirt off the top layer of your skin, but you also need something that’s going to be gentle in the process.  The common misconception about exfoliating the skin is that it should be rough to really accomplish the results you’re looking for.  Remember that our skin is delicate and we need to make sure that we’re being gentle and treating it like the delicate organ it is.  Using a quality, proper exfoliating product is going to be the first step in helping you accomplish that.

Once you have the right type of exfoliating product that will suit your skin type and needs, you want to make sure that you’re using it properly.  As we mentioned above, many people feel they need to be rough when using an exfoliating product, but that’s often how people end up causing irritations and abrasions to the skin.  Instead of being rough, take your time and really be gentle with it.  Avoid pulling and really being too quick when removing the exfoliating product from your skin.  Typically the best way to exfoliate the skin without causing abrasions is to apply and remove the product in soft, delicate, small circular motions.  The circular motions are what’s going to help you to eliminate the dead skin cells and dirt/oil, but allow you to do so with gentle, soft pressure.

We know that exfoliating is a process that many of us tend to rush because it is an additional step in our routine, but when we are in a rush is often when we end up causing abrasions to the skin.  Take your time when going through your exfoliating routine, enjoy the self-care aspect of it and remember that the more gentle and patient you are the better the results will be.  So to really ensure that you’re making the most of your exfoliating routine make sure that you’re using quality products, taking your time and not being too rough on your skin.  Following these steps may seem simple, but they really do help to ensure that you’re not causing abrasions to the skin.

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