Skin Care May 10, 2016

Enjoy a Diamond Facial


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? Right! What’s more luxurious than receiving or wearing diamonds?  Not much!  What if we told you diamonds are making their way into our skin care?  Because they are – yep, that’s right diamonds in your skin care.  It may sound too luxurious to believe, but diamond skin care products and even diamond facials are now a thing.  Experts have found incredible benefits from adding diamonds into skin care, so it’s really no shocker that they’re adding them to facial products and services.  We’re breaking down a few of our favorite benefits from diamond-infused facial treatments.

Major Texture Benefits
If you think about it, diamonds are naturally a rough product.  So, they’re able to provide a really amazing and natural microdermabrasion type of experience.  Because of the incredible exfoliating element, it helps with smoothing the surface of your skin, helping create an incredible texture, aids in anti-aging, and is great for pigmentation or sun damage that’s been done to the skin.  We know exfoliation is so important for our skin, the fact that we’re able to have such a great exfoliating experience using a natural product (that just happens to be super luxurious) is a double win!

Anti-Aging like Woah
Diamonds have been found to be incredibly beneficial to anti-aging treatments.  They’re said to remove toxins and get the skin cells movin’ and groovin’ the way they’re supposed to, assisting in boosting the cellular life of your skin cells.  Again, a lot of this is attributed to the exfoliating factor of the diamonds.  The major exfoliation is kind of like letting your skin start fresh, starting fresh with a little diamond help that is!

Acne Benefits
Aside from typical skin care frustrations like wrinkles and age spots, acne is another common skin care struggle that’s been found to benefit from the diamond facials.  It’s specifically really great for eliminating blackheads.  Most likely because of the great exfoliating benefits the treatment has.  Exfoliation is such a huge part of acne prone skin (and really all skin types), it’s no wonder diamond facials have been found to be so incredible in reducing acne.  On top of helping with the acne in general, since it’s such a great product for pigmentation problems, uneven skin tone, and uneven skin surfaces it’s amazing for any acne scars or damage that may be left over from prior breakouts.

It’s so Luxurious
Really, who doesn’t love the idea of getting a diamond facial?  Diamonds are such a luxe item that even the process of getting a diamond facial is sure to make you feel like a queen (or king).  Using any type of skin care product that’s infused with diamonds is sure to leave you feeling like your skin is luxurious and glam.

What do you think of diamond facials?  Will you, or have you ever gotten one?  Let us know in the comments below!

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