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Drink Green Tea For Better Skin

Women drinking green tea

It seems like most of us are obsessed with discovering new ways to improve our skin.  Even when you have great skin, you’re looking for the next best thing to make it even better or to just simply maintain it.  There are SO many different skin care tricks, tips and products out and in our access now.  Some are natural, some are product based, but it’s safe to say we have options.  One skin care tip that isn’t new but certainly gaining popularity is the idea of drinking green tea.  We’re diving into why you may want to drink green tea for better skin, now!

It’s Packed With Antioxidants
One of the major benefits of green tea is that it’s been found to boost some major antioxidants, specifically the antioxidant referred to as polyphenols.  These particular antioxidants are known to be great at fighting free radicals.  Free radicals are caused from many different sources including the environment and stress, to name a couple of the most common.  Since green tea is made up of such a powerful antioxidant, it’s been found to be incredibly beneficial in boosting the body’s levels of antioxidants and immunity.  This being said, it’s great for any skin problems that can be caused by free radicals and/or immunity problems.  In addition, the free radical blocking has also been found to help with anti-aging benefits.

It Calms The Body
As if the free radical and anti-aging properties weren’t enough, green tea is also known for being great at helping drinkers reduce stress.  The reduction in stress levels is AMAZING for your skin.  Many people suffer from acne caused by stress, among other skin conditions that are stress related.  In addition, it helps tremendously to reduce inflammation in the body.  Inflammation can attribute many, many skin problems in the body.  Some of the most common skin problems that are massively impacted by inflammation are eczema and psoriasis.  Green tea really helps to calm the body both emotionally and physically (through the reduction in inflammation).  Talk about major perks, right?

A Few Extras
While you’re probably already ready to go buy and start drinking green tea, there’s a few more benefits to your skin.  Green tea has also been found to help reduce sun damage in the skin, by healing the body from the inside out and improve the overall texture and moisture levels in the body.  Did you think it could get any better?  Basically, it works to heal the body and helps switch its overall appearance and health.

Wow!  It’s safe to say that there are some majorly amazing benefits to drinking green tea.  Who knew just adding some green tea to your daily routine could have such positive effects on your skin?  Well, there is a reason green tea has been such a respected and practiced form of health for so many years!

Do you drink green tea?  If so, have you noticed a change in your skin as a result?

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