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Don’t Believe These Skin Care Myths

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We live in a world where we’re constantly given information, tips and tricks. It seems like we can’t turn a corner without being confronted with the latest and greatest in advice-especially in the beauty industry. With so much information at our access, it can be difficult to determine what truth is and what myth is. We’ve taken it to the experts, doing research on some of the tips and tricks that are so frequently discussed to find out what the myths is that are floating around. Fortunately, we found some of those common myths and we’re sharing them with you so you don’t believe these skin care myths for any longer.

Myth: The More Products, The Better
Surprised to learn this is a myth? It’s common to get into the mindset that more is better, especially when talking about skin care. With so many skin care products available to us, most of us feel a sense of needing to use them all in order to maintain our skin’s health and appearance. The truth is, using too many products can have the reverse effect. Experts stress the importance of using the products that your skin truly needs, keeping it simple and choosing quality first and foremost.

Myth: Those With Oily Skin Should Skip Moisturizing
If you have oily skin, we’re willing to bet you’ve applied this myth to your life at one point or at least thought about it. So many individuals with oily skin fear that adding moisturizing products to their skin will cause them to become even more oily. However, that’s not how it works. Oil is different than moisture, and when our skin doesn’t have enough moisture it will product more oil. See how moisturizing is important for oily skin? The key is to use the right type of moisturizer, experts suggest sticking with oil free formulas to cater to your skin type.


Myth: You Don’t Need SPF When You’re Inside Most of the Day
We get it, it’s common to think that when you’re inside you don’t need to worry about applying SPF because you’re not actually outside. The truth is, even when you’re inside your skin is exposed to the damaging UV rays of the sun. How? The windows in the building you work in, the windows of your car, etc. Ok, so the point is even if you’re inside for most of your days it’s still necessary for you to apply SPF to your skin on a daily basis. Because we’re not really aware of how or when our skin is exposed to UV rays, staying safe and protected will help to maintain your skin’s health much more effectively than skipping it just because you feel you spend most days indoors.

Myth: Removing Hair Will Cause it to Grow Back Darker
This has been a fear of women for years and years, but it’s time we bust this myth. Waxing, shaving or any other method of removing hair from your body won’t cause it to come back darker or thicker. It just won’t!

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