Skin Care June 4, 2015

DIY Ways to Brighten Your Face

Skin brightening is an essential part of skin care for some women. Not all women suffer from dark spots, pigmentation problems, or freckles, but for those who do, it can be a battle to try and have brighter, more beautiful skin. Today, Lionesse would like to discuss the benefits of skin brightening with the use of ginger. Ginger is a flowering plant whose roots are harvested and used as a spice in mainly Asian and Indian cultures, as well as an herbal medicine. It is also consumed in the form of tea. A little known fact is that ginger also has many beauty and skin properties which help to give a brighter, more beautiful complexion.

Below, find some of the ways in which you can use ginger to have a brightened face. We love these ideas because they are all natural, and simple to make and do at home.

Ginger on a wooden table.

Direct Application
Taking a piece of ginger root and slicing it half, rub the ginger all over your face. Massage your facial skin while the ginger juice is resting on your skin. Rub the ginger over your face again to give it a second application. Allow the ginger to sit on your skin for 10 minutes or so, and rinse. You will notice brightened skin after one application.

Ginger & Banana Face Mask
To get bright, beautiful skin, simply combine 1/3 of a ripe banana, 1 TBSP of brewed ginger tea, and 1 TBSP of plain yogurt (any kind) in a bowl. Blend well, and apply to the face as you would any face mask. For an added boost, add 1 TBSP of lemon juice to the mixture before blending. Leave the mixture on your face for about 20 minutes and then rinse off for a brightened, soft face.

Ginger Tea and lemons on a wooden table.

Ginger Tea
If you would like to begin a long term skin brightening regimen, you can consume ginger tea twice per day for a couple weeks. You can buy the pre-packaged ginger tea from the supermarket or health food store, or you can make your own. To make your own ginger tea, simply slice a piece of ginger root thinly, add into a pot of fresh, cold water (about 4 cups) and allow to boil for 5 minutes or so. Turn off the heat, and allow the ginger to steep for about 15 minutes. You can then add honey if you like, or drink it directly. This can also be made into a concentrate and added to more water to prolong the mixture and stretch it out a bit. Ginger tea has many beneficial health properties aside from skin brightening, such as health and digestive properties.

Ginger, honey and lemon on a wooden table.

Ginger, Lemon & Honey Face Mask
Combine organic, powdered ginger, honey, and lemon juice – enough to form a paste – into a bowl. Apply directly to the face, allowing it to rest for approximately 5 minutes. The potency of this mixture is quite strong, and therefore doesn’t require much in terms of resting time. Rinse off, and pat dry with a towel. If you are trying to treat hypo pigmentation, you will need to do this every day for a week to see some real results, but if you are just doing this to give your skin a brightened boost, this will do just the trick after one application.

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