Skin Care May 16, 2017

Cleanse and Hydrate Every Morning

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No skin care routine is one size fits all. As experts in the industry continue to find more advanced information and technology becomes more prevalent, it shows just how different our skin is. This is often why what works for one person may not work for you. However, there are a couple things that maintain importance regardless of your skin type. What are they? Experts stress the necessity to cleanse and hydrate every morning. Yep, these are the two factors that need to be a priority in every single person’s morning skin care routine-so, let’s get into the details around this shall we?

Gentle Cleansing
Cleansing is essential to your skin care routine, especially in the morning. The key to understand when it comes to cleansing the skin is making sure that you’re being gentle in the cleansing process. It’s common to think that the rougher you are on your skin when cleansing the better you can get your skin clean but that’s just not the case. Maintaining a gentle habit when using cleansing products on your skin, with gentle pressure is one part of it but it’s also important to make sure that you’re using gentle cleansing products. If you notice that your skin is red or irritated after cleansing your skin, it’s a common indication that the cleansing product(s) that you’re using are too harsh on your skin. Opt for cleansing products that are gentle, to allow your skin to fully adapt to the cleansing step in your skin care routine and really be able to reap the benefits of cleansing.

Solid Hydration
It’s no secret that our skin needs hydration in order to be healthy and have a glowing appearance. Starting your morning with a solid hydration routine is a great way to keep your skin well protected throughout the day, and maintain your skin’s health. Our skin is exposed to so many different environmental factors throughout the day that can take the hydration right out of our skin. This is why setting ourselves up in the morning with a solid hydration routine can make such a huge difference in our skin. Facial oils have quickly grown in popularity, with good reason. Many facial oils have been found to provide an incredible amount of hydration into the skin without applying super heavy products. So often when we think of adding hydration into the skin, we think of using heavy moisturizing products. While there’s a time and a place for using those heavy creams, facial oils are a great lightweight way to get the hydration into your skin without a heavy weight product.

Many people feel as though because we’re asleep through the evening cleansing the skin and going through a big skin care routine in the morning isn’t necessary. But it really is! Even though we’re sleeping, our skin can still get built up with residue, oil and bacteria throughout the evening. Starting the morning with a fresh face and cleansing helps to eliminate those factors to keep your skin healthy as you begin your day.

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