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Beauty Makeup November 6, 2015

Bollywood Makeup Trends

Bollywood, the Hollywood of India, is famous for over the top song and dance scenes, colorful outfits and of course gorgeous women. Bollywood actresses use their eyes to tell a story. You’ll know when she sad, in love, angry or surprised. Her makeup accentuates the eyes for a dramatic look. Let’s explore the wonderful world of sensational Indian eyes. The Cat Eye For a precise and bold eye, try the cat eye, exaggerated cat eye or even a double winged…

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Beauty Makeup September 10, 2015

How to Get a Natural Glowing Skin Look with Makeup

It’s no secret that we all long for beautiful glowing skin, and while very few are lucky enough to achieve this look naturally, most of us have to rely on makeup to help us out. The key is to use the makeup to our advantage for the look we want without using too much. The perfect balance will help your skin glow while still appearing natural. Stress-free Equals Naturally Great Skin! Before we start talking about makeup however, let’s first…

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Makeup August 5, 2015

Eye Shadow for Younger Looking Eyes

If you’re a woman in her 30’s who’s just dying to find a way to look younger, Lionesse has what you need here in this article today. Did you know that your eyes are usually the first area to show your age? By incorporating the right cosmetics and application techniques into your eye makeup routine, you can literally give the impression that you’re years younger than you really are. Today, Lionesse shows you a few different eye shadow contouring techniques…

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Makeup August 3, 2015

Younger Looking Eyes with Makeup

Makeup has the ability to perfect the pores, hide blemishes, add color where we desire for it to, turn our face into a work of art, or even take many years off of our appearance. At the same time, makeup can also add years to our appearance, depending on how it is applied. Today, Lionesse would like to take a few minutes to talk about how you can create a younger, more youthful look by using makeup on your eyes.…

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Makeup July 10, 2015

Preteens and Makeup? When is it Too Young? When to Start?

From an early age most little girls watch their mothers put on makeup with a little bit of awe and wonder in their eyes. They long to know when they are going to be able to grow up to put on all those magical colors, and lotions. Many little girls will swipe a bit of their mom’s lip gloss to put on in secret to get a feel for what that glorious color does to their lips. So if you…

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Makeup March 19, 2015

Bold Makeup Looks for Aries

Aries signs are known for their bold, personal, flamboyant style. They are trend setters, and love to be the first one to make a statement. New products in neon and bright shades draw them in, and make them exceptionally happy. Aries not only the desire to stand out, but it actually works for them. Below, Lionesse would like to discuss some of the bold makeup looks that work well for Aries women, so you can incorporate them into your daily…

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Makeup February 13, 2015

Sultry Makeup Ideas

Whether you’re dressing up for a glamorous occasion, or planning a big night out on the town, the way that you apply your make up can either make or break your entire look. It can sometimes be hard to achieve a sexy, sultry look without overdoing it. Lionesse tries to make things easier with certain tips that you can follow to ensure that you never leave the house looking less than fabulous. To begin with, a good base is vital. Avoid…

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Makeup December 17, 2014

Holiday Party Approved Makeup Looks

This season is all about style, fashion, cosmetics and creating your own lane. While traditional makeup products such as red lipstick and glittery nail polish have and always will be a go-to for a quick fix, why not take the time to invest a little bit of work into your look this season? Lionesse would like to help you sort out some approved Holiday party looks that you can wear and feel good about this Christmas.   Metallic – It’s…

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