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Beauty Lifestyle September 27, 2016

Quotes that Inspire Body Confidence

If you’re ever feeling ‘blah’ and lacking in the body confidence area, one way that can give you a little nudge in the right direction is reading quotes.  This is likely the reason quotes are such a huge part of sites like Pinterest and Facebook. As human beings, we relate to certain quotes and feel some inspiration when we read/ see them.  Since we’re all about body confidence this week, we wanted to be sure we give you some quotes…

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Lifestyle August 25, 2016

Healthy Family Activities

As families across the US start to get into the back to school routine, getting everyone on a healthy activity schedule is another factor that comes into play.  Everyone’s schedules are a little different with the kids in school and it can be really easy to fall into a routine of watching TV and everyone on their phones/tablets at the end of the day.  But recent studies and knowledge have come out to show that we ALL need to be…

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Lifestyle August 6, 2016

How to Make Everyday Life More Glamorous

For some reason, there’s a stigma around being glamorous and living a more glamorous lifestyle.  Most of the time when we think of being glamorous we think of the mega-rich and famous, but why is glamour only reserved for them?  We believe anyone can live a glamorous life if they want to, it’s not just about your bank account or how much you spend.  It’s really more of a lifestyle!  Since we think everyone deserves some glamorous elements into their…

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Lifestyle July 16, 2016

Papercuts are the Worst

We’ve all gotten a papercut at least a few times in our lives, and there’s just something about them that drives us all crazy.  Even though they’re usually pretty small cuts, they hurt!  We’re typically left wondering why, or how, can such a small cut be so painful?  Some scientists have suggested that the reason papercuts hurt so much is because they’re typically on your fingertips, and your fingertips have a lot of nerve endings in them which is why…

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Beauty Lifestyle June 28, 2016

The Aloe Vera Fix-All

In the world we live in, we’re all looking towards more natural approaches to health and skin care treatments.  And let’s face it, we all love fix-all items that just seem to work for everything.  Aloe vera has become known as one of those natural, fix-all things that just seem to work wonders.  This is likely why there are now so many different forms of aloe vera available now.  From aloe gel and latex to supplements made to add aloe…

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Lifestyle May 12, 2016

Oysters & Pearls

The theme of the week has been everything unique and luxurious.  We couldn’t think of anything more unique and luxurious than oysters and pearls.  There’s a reason there are so many faux pearls around the world…because they’re so luxe!  The way in which pearls are formed by oysters themselves is quite amazing. The beginning stages of a pearl developing within an oyster start from an irritation getting inside the oyster, it can be something as small as a grain of…

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Beauty Lifestyle Skin Care May 5, 2016

Newest Cellulite Treatments

Women are notoriously trying to get rid of the ever-dreaded appearance of cellulite.  Of course, thanks to modern technology scientists are coming up with more and more treatments to help minimize and eliminate the appearance of cellulite.  There are a ton of new treatments that have recently come out into the market, so we’re breaking down a few of the most popular treatments to help you learn a bit more about these experiences. Laser Treatments Lasers have been used for…

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Lifestyle May 3, 2016

Hypoallergenic Sleep Spaces

Allergy season is in full swing, and those that suffer from an allergy to dust or other difficult allergens it can be difficult to find a space that accommodates your struggles.  Sleep is so incredibly important to all of us, but those that deal with specific allergies like these can have a difficult time creating a sleep space that doesn’t cause their allergies to go haywire.  There are, however, some tips to help you in creating a space that’s hypoallergenic…

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Lifestyle April 23, 2016

Lymphedema Requires Special Treatment

Lymphedema is rapidly becoming more and more known amount people.  Thanks to modern technology and science doctors are more educated and understanding of diseases than they were years before.  We’re now able to have more information than ever about so many diseases and what their causes and care are.  If you’re not familiar with lymphedema it’s a disease that occurs when a person’s lymph vessels aren’t able to drain lymph fluid.  We now know that the lymphatic system is hugely…

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Lifestyle March 26, 2016

Easter Picnics

For many individuals, Easter represents the start of the spring season, a refresh after the winter months. Of course, along with the celebration of the holiday for those that celebrate. With the readiness to refresh with the change in seasons, you may be considering taking your Easter meal outdoors for a picnic. If planning an Easter picnic sounds like fun to you, there are a few things you want to be sure you consider while planning your holiday meal outdoors.…

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